Saturday, March 6, 2021

AEW Gif Collection

Today: A very special assortment of the finest AEW gifs from the past year. Crazy thing is, I probably only scratched the surface. Give this one a couple minutes to finish loading, turns out .gif files are pretty huge.

Starting off with a splash: Orange Cassidy sends Chris Jericho reeling with the Orange Punch!

A sobering moment.

No! He's crushed!


Broken Matt Hardy unleashes his power.

Luchasaurus, as we reach the Jurassic Express portion of the post.

Jurassic Express Double Tech! They're the masters of the Chrono Trigger combo techs.

Triple Tech!

Discus Clothesline!

Arn Anderson is bewildered.

Back when the Dark Order was evil, and led by Even Creepier Richie.

The actual star of the show, one Anna Jay

Librarian Action

The Dark Order's infamous finisher, The Fatality.

And now...Adam Page and Kenny Omega:

Wait for it...wait for it

Super One-Winged Angel. Delete, indeed

Not a gif, just like the view in this arena.

Cody and Moxley after Double or Nothing 2019

Cody and Moxley after Double or Nothing 2020, almost exactly a year later

Escape from New York? OH, wait, I get it.

The world's greatest heel doesn't have that many great gifs to his credit...yet.

"Absolute" Ricy Starks

Hey Sammy! Try going left! "I can't!"

Hey Sammy! Try going right!

"I...I can't Jon!"

I feel like all of Sammy's gifs are him getting destroyed by something.

Thanksgiving Portrait

Tony Schiavone: National Treasure

Another Jurassic Express Triple Tech for the road

R.I.P. Brodie Lee

Darby grinning for the one and only time ever on TV, after getting beaten up.

Wardlow crushes Hager with the F-10


Well, that was fun.

Penelope Ford battling Adam Page: A good way to sign off here

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