Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Dragon Quest XI Videos

Time for a smattering of videos from the tour-de-force that is Dragon Quest XI.

Hula Dancing - Just some sexy hula dancing. No big whoop.

Caverns Under Octagonia - A complete dungeon run, with a boss fight and everything.

The Other Side - Another dungeon, with another boss fight. This dungeon was particularly interesting-looking.

The Best Fight Ever - Defeating Metal enemies is always thrilling. Here we've got one of my most successful Metal-slaying fights of any Dragon Quest series game.

Gyldygga Fight - A battle with a particularly strong boss.

Tatsunaga Fight, Dragon Quest VII Style - This might have been the toughest fight in the game for me at the time that I did it. For the video, I replaced the music with the DQVII boss theme.

4000 Damage Megahit - Charging up and dishing out the highest-damage hit I was able to muster over the course of the game.

Wheel of Harma, Final Challenge - This was a fun challenge, and it's noteworthy because it has the Dragon Quest III battle theme in a modern form.

Dragon Quest XI 16-Bit: Jasper Battle - The 16-bit 2D version of DQXI on Switch is well worth playing, and puts a neat spin on the game. The only real issue with it is that it often doesn't feel like the "proper" way to play the game, and I frequently feel the urge to default it to 3D mode.

Dragon Quest XI 16-Bit: Caverns Under Octagonia, Redux - Another look at this area, with the boss and everything, to compare to the previous look at it.

Dragon Quest XI 16-Bit: Tatsunaga Fight - For comparison with the normal Tatsunaga fight. Most fights in this version are easier because you're naturally going to be a higher level at any given point due to the much higher encounter rate.

16-Bit Baramos - That's right, the 16-bit demake has bosses from other games in the series as part of a sidequest/postgame. The most notable is probably Baramos, with the fight re-created pretty well here.

Main Story Final Boss - Something that'd be at home in Chrono Trigger. This was noteworthy for me because it was the moment where I was able to stop and go, whoa, they actually went all the way and finished this demake.

The worst postgame fight - This was hands-down the hardest fight in the game for me. It's a new-to-Switch postgame fight with Doc Robot versions of the DQVII and DQVIII final bosses. Fighting them together with all of their status effects and general nonsense was a real mess. There's another fight right after this, too, that's maybe 80% as difficult as this one. I somehow got through that in one try too. Man though, this fight was just insane.

Here's a good half hour of new stuff added to the Switch version. Retro areas that bring you back to parts of the earlier DQ games. It's the main thing that excited me about going through the game in 16-bit mode and it was worth the trouble. That said, all of this new content can be finished in about 3 hours during the endgame, so YMMV.

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