Thursday, May 14, 2020

Doom Eternal - Boss Fights

This, like old-school Doom games, has very few boss fights. The few it has are definitely a case of quality over quantity, though.

Doom Hunters - The first boss event (like a third of the way through the game) is absolutely insane. I won on my first try, but had a number of ultra-close calls. The main thing I liked about this fight was how full of surprises it was. Every time I thought I had the fight won, it changed things up on me.

Gladiator - This fight would have been a lot easier if I'd noticed that the shield blinks right before the green light that indicates it's time to attack. It was a great fight regardless. Focused on the boss and ignored the fodder enemies, which usually serve the main purpose of distracting you. The music here is like The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack: Nine Inch Nails Remix.

Khan Maykr - Had Sentinel Armor on for this one (thing that makes you defensively stronger if you lose a fight repeatedly). Not proud of that, though it's the only time in the game that I used Sentinel Armor. Fact is, this fight is a massive pain in the ass, and I just wanted it over with. You use the grappling hook to punch the boss every time her shields are down, and the grappling hook isn't the easiest-to-use mechanic in this game. This is the first time it really gives you any reason to make use of it, and it overshoots you so your punches miss unless you hesitate. Just a painful fight all around.

Icon of Sin - Now this fight was pretty damn awesome. Unlike Doom II you can see all of it this time, not just the face. The fight has multiple phases and takes place in a large destroyed building as an arena. Some strategy is needed here, like knowing which weapons to use when. I saved the energy sword for the big Balrog-looking guys, and probably wasted a couple BFG shots. Ah well. Badass music here too. Great fight to end a great game.

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