Saturday, October 19, 2019

Link's Awakening Remake - Boss Fights

Just finished the Link's Awakening remake and it was hawt. Here are all the boss videos I recorded.

Moldorm - This fight is much easier than it was on the Game Boy because the platform gives you more space. All of those cracked tiles were a pit before. It's one of many subtle rebalancings this remake does.

Genie - What's in the bottle...the Riddle Bottle? This jackass. For whatever reason, it's always been my least-favorite boss in this game from an aesthetic standpoint. It just doesn't jive with all of the others. There's nothing menacing about it.

Slime Eye - I forgot that you're supposed to Pegasus Boot the wall to cause the boss to fall down. This one's a little tricky because you have so little time to dash into it once it separates. The good news is that only needs to happen once.

Lanmola - Not actually a dungeon boss, but it stands out among the game's minibosses. Probably because it's out in the open world and because it was a boss in A Link to the Past.

Hardhit Beetle (Color Dungeon Boss) - I like that they kept the Color Dungeon in from the GBC version. They didn't have to, but it's an extra optional dungeon and it's cool for what it is. This fight is a slugfest, not a lot of subtlety here. Which mail did I choose, Red or Blue? Tune in to find out.

Angler Fish - This guy has a couple of new attacks, but he's still one of the easier fights in the game.

Slime Eel - This is probably the worst boss video I've ever recorded. I made a ton of mistakes in this fight. At least I won.

Fa├žade - This guy actually moves around the room, unlike the original Link's Awakening. So there's a slight bit of difficulty now in predicting his appearances (and not running out of bombs)

Eagle - This fight is pretty rad since it's side-view and the boss goes all Storm Eagle by attacking from all sides. The Boomerang really gimps this fight in both the original and the remake (it also gimps the dungeon in the original). The best moment here is the Boomerang return-hit at 1:26.

Turtle Rock - Another miniboss worth recording. I remember wishing that Turtle Rock was a boss in A Link to the Past. Well, in this game they did it.

Hot Head - One of the more fun fights because you can just go crazy with the new Fire Rod. It's too bad you get that item in like the last 20 minutes of the game because it's a lot of fun. No magic power in this game means infinite ammo. With the Boomerang nerfed for the remake, the Fire Rod takes its rightful place as the best item you get. Except against the final bosses. ...which is about all you have left after this. In any case, Hot Head, fun fight.

Final Boss - The fight with Shadow Ganon was brutal in this version. He does NOT mess around. Easily the toughest fight in the game, even though it's over in a few hits. The final final boss used to be one-shottable with the Boomerang, now it takes a lot more than that. It's still a borderline relaxing fight, the equivalent of slow-paced jump-rope. Shadow Ganon should have been the last form. Or maybe Dark Link to pull a surprise on the players.

All Boss Rush - All eight dungeon bosses plus the final gauntlet in one big video, because why not.

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