Sunday, December 3, 2017

Shovel Knight, Pt 2

The under-sea lair of Treasure Knight looks pretty rad. It reminds me of that underwater reactor place in Final Fantasy VII. Or maybe it was had archways and stuff.

Here's the least-scary fish in the ocean. It's a lot less frightening than the most-scary fish:


Next I acquire the hammer from Super Mario Bros 3. I mean...the axe from Castlevania, Adventure Island, and Super Ghouls and Ghosts. Why did axes become the standard "upward arc throw" weapon in most video games back then?

That globe on the left there is a checkpoint. Each level has several of those, and once you've activated one you can breathe easy for a bit. Still have to worry about losing your currency, though, and if you die it means running back to where it happened to collect said currency. It's all very Dark Souls.

Underwater levels are such a fun part of retro games. You don't see them much in modern games, probably because of 3D physics.

Here's Treasure Knight. He's like Aquaman, only slightly-less genetically engineered to please your girlfriend.

He's also got a little bit of a Bioshock vibe, without the vintage art deco aesthetic.

After defeating him, we run into one of the side-bosses of the game. This is Reize, a heroic dude(?) who is out to stop Triple H Shovel Knight because he thinks our hero is evil.

He likes to leap around throwing boomerangs, but all things considered the fight isn't too bad.

Little-known fun fact: All of Shovel Knight was recorded in front of green screen.

Reize now mistakes Shovel Knight for "The Villain" Marty Scurll.

Moments after this picture was taken, Shovel Knight and Reize begrudgingly put up the devil horns and did Too Sweet.

Next my favorite stage in the entire game. This one is the domain of Plague Knight. It's...

 ...The Explodatorium, complete with some of the catchiest retro soundtrack I've ever heard.

This stage is brimming with neon personality. Plague Knight is basically a medieval plague doctor, so his level is full of all kinds of alchemy and tinctures.

The miniboss of this level is a conked-out alchemist who likes to dip into his own supply.

Whoa, that must be some sick tincture this guy is dropping, because he just turned into a damn yeti!

Other parts of the Explodatorium have you climbing past fire jets that go off intermittently. Yeah, like Mega Man. I like all these retro references.

The Burier of Midcarders arrives at the boss' room, only to find himself face-to-snout with...

...whoa! Is that "The Villain" Marty Scurll?


Regardless, I didn't get any shots of this fight because I was too busy avoiding all of the explosions. Plague Knight shouldn't be taken lightly.

Unlike some other video game Toads, Toader here is an actual toad.

And it seems Shovel Knight has a not-so-secret admirer. Toader isn't impressed at all with these mammals and their mating rituals.


Fun Fact: The Peacock Gent's tax rate in 2018 is going down to 0%! I got mine, Jack!

Baz is another side-boss you can fight outside the chain of progression. He's dejected because the Order of No Quarter won't let him join. Much like Disco Inferno's attempts to become a part of the NWO, this can't end well.

It's easy to see why he doesn't cut the mustard, as he possesses the catlike reflexes of a hippopotamus.

The next level I tackle is the subterranean lair of Mole Knight. I was expecting this level to be earth-themed, but it's more of a fire-themed zone. It also has a great soundtrack:

So much retro goodness. Taste the Mole Knight!

This level involves such reckless behavior as... riding a giant beetle!

This lava - and anything fiery, really - looks amazing on this LG OLED. One of the first things I saw on it was the burning house from the Bloodborne hub zone, and I instantly felt like I was playing a PS5 remaster of the game.

Every so often, Shovel Knight finds a whole turkey. Usually inside of a breakable wall or some other location where a turkey can't exist. Looks like Castlevania rules apply here.

This room...seems like a trap.

Mole Knight laughs at our hero's puny shovel. He doesn't need a shovel, as he has mighty claws for digging.

He can also go Super Saiyan.

Soon after that I acquire the Dust Knuckles, which let you dig through dirt. Now it is I who is the mole!

Arriving back at the town, our hero finds the guy responsible for causing all that trouble over in North Korea. Stop lobbing missiles over people, dude!

That isn't Zelda-like at all! Gotta say, the abundance of abilities and items to purchase in this game is fun.

Meanwhile, the Enchantress is scheming and looking for new members for NWO Hollywood. Don't do it, Black Knight! Remember your red and black Wolfpac heritage!

"Remember where you come from, Black Knight! Remember Zeist!"

These peacock people are total snobs, just like real peacocks.

Next, we have the aurora-laden frozen land known as Polar Knight's stage. This one looks just as sweet as the fire level.

More good retro music to be had here. Have I mentioned yet how fantastically well put-together this game is?

There's a boat crashed into this part of the ice level, and I'm reminded of Super Ghouls and Ghosts left and right here.

What are the odds that those snow-blocks are going to totally give way when I try to get across these spikes?

Shovel Knight gets offered a spot in the gang. Somewhere nearby, Baz can be heard crying and singing "Sunrise" by Simply Red.

"Maybe the next time I'll be yours and maybe you'll be mine
I don't know if it's even in your mind at all
At this moment in time
Is it in your mind at all
It should be me, IT COULD BE ME!"

Polar Knight is another fun, Mega Man style fight, and concludes today's Shovel Knight. Tune in shortly for the finale.

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  1. I wonder about the axe arc myself. Did one particular game do it and start the trend, or was that first game based on something itself?

    ::Shovel Knight removes helmet:: "TIME TO PLAY THE GAME" IT'S THE YETAAAAY