Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda (Finished)

I play Mass Effect Andromeda. Now updated through to the end!

Part One - Intro

Part Two - First Planet Conclusion

Part Three - Dantooine

Part Four - Wrexlemania

Part Five - I Lose My Mind

Part Six - Havarl Part 1

Part Seven - Havarl Part 2

Part Eight - Space Exploration

Part Nine - Ice Planet Woes

Part Ten - The Cardinal

Part Eleven - The Game Finally Wins Me Over

Part Twelve - Romancin' Suvi

Part Thirteen - Planethopping

Part Fourteen - Very Little Commentary

Part Fifteen - Disney's Elaaden

Part Sixteen - Journey to Meridian

Part Seventeen - Archon's Sword

Part Eighteen - Romancin' Suvi, Part II

Part Nineteen - Scott Ryder Finally Does Something

Part Twenty - The Final Battle

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