Thursday, April 13, 2017

Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - Part II

This might well be my favorite 2D Zelda. It's so picturesque and moody in a good way. I really like the shrinking mechanic and how it alters your perception of the world.

Here's the standard normal-sized overhead view of the hallway I was in a second ago.

Behold! The homeland of the Minish People. They are wee

They have an odd language and wield menacing little q-tips.

One person here can communicate with Link, but that's about it.

It'd be cool to shrink and run through foliage like this in real life. Then again, we'd quickly be eaten by something.

Sunbeams like this are part of what I'm talking about when I say that this game looks and sounds amazing. This is as good as Zelda gets on the Game Boy Advance.'s also the only new Zelda on the system, but that's beside the point. I wish Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks were more like this one; can't really get into their motion controls.

They're dust mites.

Here's the world map. It isn't to-scale or screen-by-screen like some of the other games; it's merely a rough interpretation of the world. The four icons are the four elemental spirits that I have to obtain in order to fight Vaati.

Finally, here's the first dungeon: Deepwood Shrine. This one contains the Earth spirit, and I wonder if they'll go in the Final Fantasy 1 order of Earth/Fire/Water/Wind. It also appears as if this game might have fewer dungeons than your typical Zelda.

Like most Zelda games, this one lets you pick up and throw pots right from the get-go. My least favorite thing about Link's Awakening was how you had to get the Power Bracelet to do that (and keep it equipped, taking up your one crucial item slot).

Link now sets fire to a giant barrel! ...sort of. You have to burn the restraints on it so it'll spin, then climb inside the thing and... like a hamster to make it spin. This game is so creative and fun, and makes me want to finish the few other Zeldas that I haven't finished yet (Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword, Link Between Worlds, Triforce Heroes, Breath of the Wild). Alright, I guess that's a lot. The Zelda series has far outpaced the rate at which I get to these games.

The miniboss here is some kind of caterpillar that chases you around the room. I think it's supposed to be a Lanmola, maybe a Moldorm. If it's either of those, it doesn't really look right...

The big treasure of this dungeon is the Gust Jar. It's basically a vacuum.

Like Kirby?

"Suck! Suck! Suck!" said Dark Helmet when reached for comment.

What follows is a lilli pad puzzle where you have to push your platform around by using your new item. This game is so creative and awesome, and I'm only on the first dungeon

Finally, we arrive at the boss door, and something wicked this way comes.

My God! It's a gigantic green clitoris!

" happy"

The key is to knock it over, then whale on the poor bastard. That isn't what you're supposed to do in real life!

After a while, it explodes, and this dungeon now likes Link more than it likes any other guy.

There's the first of the four elements, and it looks like purple rain. I hope Prince sued!

Melari sounds like a disease. In any case, it's time to journey onward.

The Minish Cap shows rare politeness here. Usually he's busy making rude comments and flipping off onlookers.

Moments later, Link got a call from the NSA.

Those sunglass-wearing moles make another appearance here. They giggle a lot while brandishing small knives.

Back in Hyrule Town, this strange dude in a top hat is trying to convince little kids to fuse kinstones with him. Get outta here!

Huh, so now I can take part in this weird kinstone-fusing thing that everybody's into.


::funky music begins to play::

...I gotta go.

I've only got 84 rupees right now, but this seems like a good investment so I go for it. Now our hero must live in poverty for a while.

In the bars here, they drink milk instead of beer. It's better for you, and it builds strong bones!

Yeah. Uh...yeah.

More on this awesome game soon.

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