Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pokemon FireRed: The Let's Play

A smorgasbord of videos on Pokemon FireRed to cap off the Pokemon fest. Had my girlfriend with me on some of these, and went solo on others. Join me for Pokemon Generation 1 one more time!

Part 1 - The Beginning

Part 2 - We go after the dynamo of action known as Mankey.

Part 3 - Flying solo for this one, as I battle bug-catchers and give my advice on puberty.

Part 4 - We enter The Brocktagon.

Part 5 - I look for the only Pokemon that can defeat Misty: Pikachu.

Part 6 - Emily rejoins me for more wackiness.

Part 7 - We challenge the early-game uberboss that is Starmie.

Part 8 - I challenge Misty yet again, this time with a plan. It's so bad.

Part 9 - Real Talk on Obama.

Part 10 - Lt. Surge.

Part 11 - Busywork and Kadabra Vs. Kadabra for the fate of the multiverse.

Part 12 - Gym Leader Four brings the flower power.

Part 13 - Making my way towards Saffron City. I lied about Sabrina being next.

Part 14 - I get Charizard and wonder why they're nerfing my monkey.

Part 15 - Sabrina the teenage babe.

Part 16 - Koga, End of Days, and the ham radio.

Part 17 - Articuno and Blaine.

Part 18 - Island One and Moltres.

Part 19 - Island Two and the Sons of Anarchy.

Part 20 - Island Three and a return to the mainland.

Part 21 - I track down Zapdos and battle Giovanni for the fate of Kanto.

Part 22 - Victory Road, Pt 1

Part 23 - Victory Road, Pt 2

 Part 23.5 - Monologue About Female Pokemon Characters

Part 24 - Elite Four

Part 25 - Gary

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