Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lufia: The Legend Returns #8 - Bangkok Heel Turn

 I fly to the latest tower to confront Daos, this time with my full army. He isn't impressed.

Daos speaks on the other Sinistrals. There doesn't seem to be any love lost between this guy and his subordinates (if they can be called that). They're merely co-workers.

 Daos won't tolerate our insolence, and the battle is ON.

Pretty much the same ol', but now he's beatable. He likes to cast Sleep, which is irritating.

...and it's gone! He did a number on the party, to say the least.

Rudo Fact: When Rudo plays Mortal Kombat 2, he always ends matches with a Friendship move.

Daos is such a dimwit that he tells our heroes where Dual Blade is and how it's the only thing that can keep him from reviving. So...uh...thanks again, Daos.

The next dungeon brings us face-to-succulent-lips with Milka. Yes, THAT Milka. She's all grown up now, being an elf with a mega-lifespan. She also talks inexplicably like a Bangkok hooker.

"Two dolla, soldier boy! TWO DOLLA!"

Aside from knowing that I'm going to Hell, we now know that Doom Island is under the ocean. Of course, we can't just go there, noooo...

...we have to go through another filler dungeon first to get something that'll let our boat go underwater.

It's the very definition of filler. Moving on quickly.

Here's the Floatium. But Mysidians were so innocent! WHY, CECIL? WHY?

Isaac installs it in the boat, and we're off. This is our last chance to enjoy life before facing our imminent deaths in Doom Island. You know what that means: ORGY!

::the airship shakes violently::

::the airship enters and exits the ocean repeatedly::

Rested and freshly orgied, our heroes arrive at the iconic dungeon.

That's what Daos said. He may as well have drawn a map.

Here it is, the Hallway With A View.

That didn't take long. The place was as quick as ever.

My God! The fourth Sinistral has arrived!



Boss fight! Erim isn't the leg-baring love-kitten of the previous game, but whatever. This fight is easier than Daos by a good margin, not sure if that was intentional on their part.

Time to grab Dual Blade and keep the Sinistrals from reviving... if I'm following this plot right. Erim is, of course, the one who can ressurect the others. She's gone now...I think. Only problem is that she already revived the other three, and they're off somewhere. Is this like FF1 where Chaos and the Four Fiends keep reviving each other?

Sweet, I get to equip Dual Blade now. It's hugely powerful, as is tradition.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out where the three revived Sinistrals are: The nearest tower! Of course!

This tower was written by Stephanie Meyer, and is full of dreamy teenage vampires and bad dialogue. the rest of this game.

It's also THIRTY FLOORS of pure boredom, halting any endgame momentum we had going.

Thirty floors later, here they are. Daos laughs a lot while the other two stand around and pose. Since we've beaten them already, they reveal their big surprise wild card...

...Guard Daos, the triple-fusion of the original game. I believe it's stronger here, as it looks more complete. I've got goosebumps.

...and the goosebumps fade as the dialogue goes from suck to blow. Fear him!

Has the same slightly-mechanical look that the Sinistrals in general have in this game. It's a tough fight, obviously, but nothing insurmountable.

Victory. Yeah, that was rough. Sadly, the killer music from Lufia 1 didn't play here.

Our heroes take a moment to celebrate their hard-fought win. Does this mean we're going to get a tender moment between Rudo and Seena? condolences, Rudo.

Seena with a kick to the groin! Followed by a vicious chairshot!


...Other? Oh shit, Seena is Arek! I never even thought of the idea that Arek might have been a woman!

...oh. But...we just killed her! YOU WERE IN THE PARTY WHEN WE DID IT.


To Be Continued.


  1. Was that fake Erim? Is THAT why it was so weak? Hopefully that choice was intentional.
    In any case, I'm glad the game finally caught me off guard. I thought her dialogue was just bad writing...oh, who am I kidding? EVERYONE was written like that! It was bad writing! Ugh, this game...

    1. It was a tweest worthy of M. Night Shyamalan!

      One part remains to this epic series.

  2. Super Rudo is all "well that was easy, right guys? ...guys?" after beating Daos.

    I guess we can call that cave Al.

    You know, undersea Doom Island should really be over in Lufia 1 land. In Lufia 2 the game made a point of it drifting to that part of the world (to then sink and be where it's supposed to in the first game), but at the end of the game it just drops down where it is.

    LOL, Guard Daos became the Guardian.

  3. " there's more of you." That's a great put-down to be honest.

    The undersea Doom Island shot is really good.

    I'm not a huge fan of this massive heel turn by Erim between 100 years ago and now, though it is a tweest on the usual from her.