Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lufia: The Legend Returns #7 - AM Stalker

Previously on Lufia III, Daos killed Conas. NEVER AGAIN will he provide anyone with a Conas Hint. NEVER AGAIN DAMMIT!

The Japanese box art is much better than the American box art, because you can see some of Seena's sexy thigh. Awww yeahhh.

Next, our heroes find another town with a Town Hero, Jan. The guy is actually engaged. Conas never had that chance. HE NEVER HAD THAT CHANCE! WHY DAMMIT??

Here's stoned hippie Yurist, best known for being a hoarder of yuri.

Uh oh, a tower. Must be Sinistral time, because in this world towers exist only for Sinistrals to hang out on the roof.

The interior reminds me of Thebel from Persona 3.

Aww yeah. I like this music. Chill dungeon music. It's simple and relaxing, yet at the same time slightly forboding. Too bad it isn't from Lufia III, which has no music...only the discordant screeching of Seena.

Oh, what a surprise. Daos is at the top.

Jan is all ready to confront the guy. Rudo steps in, and By God we won't let another Town Hero die.

BATTLE TIME. Wait, seriously? We're fighting Daos already?

I bust out the Firebird summon, which actually has a cutscene in this game. Suck it, FFVIII!

Unfortunately, I only have three turns to win the fight. He has more HP than Amon, so that isn't happening. Wonder what the reward is for winning. This has to be the hardest optional fight in the game due to the time limit.

Jan then KILLS DAOS.

...wait, what? Huh?

Does this mean Arek is going to appear and be thee new Big Bad? Nope, probably not. Arek is busy hanging out with Culex from Mario RPG in some wasted-potential void.

Jan and Sammi now get married. It's a heart-warming day! ...Daos isn't really dead, is he?

Yurist takes a long drag from his doobie when reached for comment.

Yep, here's Daos. And he's pissed.

Super-Jan can't believe it.

Daos casts a spell on Sammi that turns her into an unstoppable Terminator. Wait, what? Why?


Rather than, say, tie Sammi up and look for a cure, Jan immediately stabs himself to break the curse.

With that, Jan is no more. Damn it, Daos! Stop ruining lives!

Maybe Sammi can go drown her widowed sorrows with Karina from the previous town. Get drunk and forget about their boyfriends. ...maybe make out a little.

This whole thing is so weird. I get that Jan's death was the only thing that could stop Super-Sammi from murdering a bunch of townspeople while under Daos' control. That makes very little sense, but I get it. Still, Jan killed himself way too fast. It's almost like he wanted out of the marriage already. Maybe being married to Sammi is like joining the Crips... the only way out is death.

The chill Yurist finally loses his cool, calling out Daos for having a filthy mouth. Who knows where that thing has been. Maybe we should ask Erim.

In any case, Yurist was so mad that he even tossed away his doobie.

Daos Battle 2! Again, the fight ends in three rounds, and I have no chance of pulling it off. That brings the "optional-win" battle count up to five for the game. Two Gades, one dragon, two Daoses. Once the battle ends, Daos just sorta leaves again instead of finishing us off.


Daos retreats to another tower (what was wrong with the old one?) and destroys the way to it.

Yurist now joins the party. He's another of the game's many hot women. ...or is he? Because from this shot, I can't even tell what gender he is.

In any case, everything I said about him being a stoner hippie? All true.

The only way we can get past the mountains around Daos' Tower is to fly. But where will we find a flying machine? Why, at the Shaia laboratory, of course. Isaac is the latest in the lineage of Raile and Lexis.

Shark attack! DEAR GOD! RUN!

Boat travel follows, as our heroes search for the missing Isaac.

Much like Kanye West, Isaac is quick to let us know that he is a genius and the voice of a generation.

He's a fuddy duddy old guy, and he's no fan of Rudo's hip "freshness".

After finding Isaac, he sends me to find a crystal to power my potential airship. The crystal is, of course, in another dungeon.

Another lame dungeon follows. This one is purple!

The crystal is called... floatium.

Rudo and Seena now get kidnapped and put in Daos' lair without their army. Uh oh.

There's a merchant here so the player doesn't get stuck, given the lack of any way out. He has been trapped here for 50 years, and he hasn't seen a woman in 49 of those years. Despite that, he still most likely recoils in horror and the she-beast that is Seena.

He has some high-tier spells for sale. I grab the crucial reflect spell...

...and this interesting spell that does huge damage to mirrored foes. Wish I had this for the Amon fight, given how much he was hiding behind that spell.

After another boring dungeon, we fight Daos for a third time. He reveals that Rudo and Seena both cause Dual Blade to resonate, meaning Rudo is of the lineage of Maxim... and Seena is someone important too. Regardless, this is another optional-win fight. You have all the time in the world, but you have to win with a measily two characters. I lose quickly and move on.

After that, Dei appears with our shiny new airship! Nice!

Airship! For this, I play the flying Epoch theme from Chrono Trigger over the game. So cool.

That's right, the final battle with Daos is looming. ...but what about Erim?

Our mission is to be safe and have fun!

Far to the south, it's YET ANOTHER TOWER. But first...'s the final town, only accessible via airship.

This place has the best buyable equipment in the game, including a weapon that FINALLY replaces the Gades Blade.

Next time on Lufia III... I battle Daos for the FATE OF THE WORLD.


  1. Wait, didn't you say you were taking a break from this for a couple weeks? Did you decide to say "screw that" because you were so close to the end? Whatever the case, I'm glad you're finishing this up. I guess I just like the so bad it's goodness of this game.
    On another note, I like towns that are only accessible via transportation like airships or boats because I like secret things. Or is that town not secret? Whatever, optional.
    I wonder what the game could possibly give you as an uber-reward for beating such a late-game optional boss... (Referring to Daos)

    1. Yeah, I'm a couple posts from done with this one so I decided to get it done rather than do something new just yet. Also want to do the rest of Link's Awakening.

      As for the optional uber-rewards, that's some info I could probably add to future posts if I find out. I'm wondering too.

  2. Woo hoo, welcome back.

  3. "Some thigh"

    Only Maxim is allowed to kill a Sinistral and then get married.

    I'd say Daos went to the new tower so you wouldn't have to go through the same dungeon twice, but...

    Huh, the Gades Blade gets replaced a lot earlier in Lufia 2.

  4. The people in the US cover art look depressed about being in the game. I agree the Japanese image is better. They should've stuck with it.

    This Jan and Sammi death subplot is truly chilling. The game does do a good job of showing you what assholes the male sinistrals are.

    I'm kind of disturbed about the great scientists all coming from one family line. Shows this world is an aristocracy.

    1. It's interesting how the many, many optional fights in this game create a parallel game-within-a-game. There must be a New Game + that these are for.