Monday, September 22, 2014

Lufia and the Fortress of Doom #3 - Awe of She

A festive time is had by all as our heroes step on flowers, meet a mad scientist, and walk through lots and lots of caves.

There's an elf here named Mirka. She shows up in Lufia III as a playable character, if I remember correctly.

Artea is one of the four heroes from the intro. The only surviving one, since he's an elf and they live a long time. Jerin gets the bow, because she's a bow-thusiast. This is a sizable upgrade.

The Blue World Order theme plays as our heroes battle The Blue Meanie.

A trope of RPGs from this era are dungeons where a bunch of NPCs are milling around at the entrance because it's too dangerous to go in.

This cave is home to Mimics, which give MASSIVE EXP.

Well, that was a short cave. Luckily, up ahead are...more caves! If you like caves, this is your game.

More Blue Meanies. Lufia demonstrates her magical prowess at this point by blasting them with lightning. She's the best spellcaster by far; Jerin is second, Jeros is third, and Aguro is zeroth. As far as physical strength goes, Aguro is the toughest, followed by Jeros, then Jerin, and Lufia is zeroth. It's very balanced.

Is this the valley of wrestling characters or what? First Blue Meanies, now Stings!

Obesity runs rampant in the world of Lufia. I blame fast food.

Odel reminds me of Adel in Final Fantasy VIII. Why was the ubermasculine Adel the only sorceress to go topless in that game? Why couldn't the magnificent-breasted Edea go topless? Why, Squaresoft?

Why is a "Glass Robe" a weapon? How is a Glass Robe even a thing?, Lufia can't wear it, ya pervs.

Stuff happens in a cave.'s always in a cave.

Much like John Cena, these guys don't really do jobs.

My God! Will I ever stop getting attacked by Blue Meanies?

Now the cave is blue. Probably since this part of the world is overrun with Blue Meanies.

Lufia loves flowers! that why she's STEPPING ON ALL OF THEM?

::flowers can be heard screaming and dying::

Once I regain control, I take a moment to step on all of the surviving flowers while "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta" plays.

There are many rings to equip in this game. As an artifact-thusiast, I enjoy this small amount of micromanagement.

I want a machine that turns me into a beautiful woman.

...wait, did I just type that out loud?

Lufia: "Friend? IS THAT ALL I AM TO YOU??"

Raile Shaia is a really cool name. This guy is a mad scientist, and he's going to help us take on the Sinistrals via SCIENCE.

Aguro: "Shut up! This is the first time I've leaked since I was a little kid okay?"
Jeros: "Not you, the boat!"
Aguro: "....oh."
Everyone: ".........."

There are multiple Shaia Labs, and they're all in different towns.

I find a room filled with loot. Awesomeness.

I had to get rid of a bunch of items to make room for the new loot. I need to go unload at a shop.

Here's a sword that is quite powerful, to say the least. Unfortunately, it's...

...cursed. Not sure what the downside of a cursed item is, though.

Here's YET ANOTHER wrestling-named enemy in the same general area. How crazy of a coincidence is it that this game came out in 1993, before all of these wrestlers were a thing? ...okay, it isn't THAT big of a coincidence. But still.


  1. Artea's Bow is Jerin's final weapon too, unless you use your Dragon Egg wish on a Might Bow.

    The cave with the dudes milling around in the front is the one with the invisible barriers that you have to navigate through. Sorta like that Narshe cave puzzle with Banon but without the light to follow.

    That picture with multiple cave entrances is from the terrifying "build a bridge" part of the game.

    Stepping on flowers is useful in this game because there are tons of invisible chests hidden in them. Often stat boosting potions.

    The Luck Blade causes you to miss all the time. Not worth it.

    Let's see, you've got the boat... that means Alumina is next. ::a scream is heard::

  2. Moving on smoothly. This game does caves better than most because of the intense music.