Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lufia and the Fortress of Doom #4 - Thou Shalt Not

"See anything you like?"

...Yes, actually, I do.

Our heroes climb yet another tower (at least it isn't a cave) to disrupt some revival-chanting. No rituals will happen on our watch!

The Terror Alert turns to "High" as the next Sinistral is revealed.

Boss fight. Is that Ramuh? This is one of the tougher bosses in the game. At this point I notice that my physical attacks seem to be outpacing my spell damage for whatever reason. That happens at later levels in a lot of RPGs.

Uh oh...who said that?

This is just like Majin Buu in Dragonball Z, in that the negative energy from our battle contributed to his revival. Now there are TWO Sinistrals on the loose.

Amon: "Now, I will find out if women are still as hot as they were a hundred years ago. Yes, back in our time, the broads were SPICY."

Oh shit! Gades is here too? If they were smart, they'd both attack at the same time and take us out right here.

Instead they blast our heroes with a Nondescript Wave Of Energy and fly off. They didn't kill anyone because Teh Plot.

Our heroes limp back to town, shaken and beaten.

This might be a good place to hide from the Sinistrals as they... do whatever they're gonna do to the world.

No! That's not the way heroes do things. We'll get up, dust off, and go back to the good fight.

...starting with MORE CAVES!

Man, I have used Paint Shop Pro for 804 days longer than I'm supposed to. I'm going to end up back in D-Block sooner than later.

Huh. A bedroom in a cave? That's a little creepy. This could be the beginning of a Law and Order episode if we're not careful.

At this point the game slows WAY down as our heroes need to gather pieces of Alumina from around the world. There are a bunch of these things to find.

WTF? I'm not selling you no crown jewels, dude.

There's this other RPG guy named Locke who might dispute that.

I find the sexiest armor ever. Aguro immediately goes to put it on, and Jeros has to put a stop to that quickly.

Instead, it goes on Lufia.

Lufia before Clear Silk.

Lufia after Clear Silk.

Damn, now the men are all knocked out. Don't look so thrilled, women.

Oh. Huh. The Crown Jewels are indeed a thing, I see.

I turn in various loots that I've acquired. Of course, the crown jewel of my loot sales is...

...the Crown Jewels. Now that I've made some money, back to ::sigh:: Alumina collecting.

Some douchebag named Guy won't settle down with this woman because he's got a lady in every port.

...wait, Guy? Could this be Guy of the four heroes from the intro?

In the next post I'm going to jump ahead a bit past some of this lame Alumina hunt and get on to the meat of the late-game. More on this later.


  1. The Amon Worshiper is really really hard to beat if you haven't learned the first group heal spell, Boost.

    "Scott, you just don't get it."

    Linze has a really nice flower pattern, it's a shame you're not there for very long.

    Well, at least the Clear Silk made her happy.

    Alumina... man. The search is rough and the monsters in those caves can tear you apart. Well, not at YOUR levels, but for most players. Once you've got it all though the game picks back up and doesn't stop.

  2. This game really doesn't let up with the flowers, does it?
    The equipment names are pretty unique. I've gotta hand it to them for that. Nevermind that sometimes they don't make sense, they're -magic- pieces of armor.
    Amon-Worshipper sounds like a psycho, and sounds like someone we'd actually have on our planet too.
    It is kind of badass that the sinistrals enjoy blowing up huge shit and ruling the world so much they won't bother to wipe you out..yeah, it's because Plot, but they're also super-overconfident, as gods are wont to be.