Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lennus II, Part 4 - Dragon Dragon, Rock the Dragon

Note: No dragons were rocked in the making of this post.

Wait a minute, a machine is trying to destroy a town called Cameron? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

DEAR GOD! RUN, FARUS, RUN!, it's just this weird drill-tank. A battle follows that would have probably been difficult if I weren't overlevelled at this point (I really power-gamed the hell out of the tower with the spotlights). As it is, I won without much of a fuss.

After that, the tank opens up, and our heroes go inside... to find another dungeon. Yep, it's the tank interior. This tank is just like a Tardis!

Soon, we find the pilot: the nefarious Gilray Zork. His days of terrorizing Cameron are over!

Another battle that I win quickly and without any real problems. It is becoming clear at this point that the game is going to take a bit of a difficulty-dip for a little while as the enemies catch up to the new-found power of my characters.

After Zork's demise, my new character Myra speaks. She isn't your average merc; she's got a backstory. This is a rare bit of intense character-driven plot from this game, so let's listen in.

Myra was so consumed with wanting revenge on Gilray Zork that now she feels completely empty inside. She's got nothing left. She leaves the party to find a new meaning in life. I hear that if you find her later in the game, she rejoins with some potent new abilities. We'll see if I bump into her, but if not, it was a good little run.

There's seal number... three, is it? Five to go before Farus unwittingly unleashes some new cataclysm on some unsuspecting townspeople, I'll bet.

Farus and Co emerge from the tank to a hero's welcome from the people of Cameron.

Since I'm set on this being 75% of my final party, I can use some stat-boosting items on my characters without worry of wasting them. Since my party is so overpowered at the moment (they're about eight levels above what they were) I decide to go with three party members for a little while just to up the challenge a bit. And also because I like these three. I will call them... Team Threesome.

Geez, this game sure does have a lot of strip bars. Here, we meet what appears to be a drunken dwarf.

Thanks, but no thanks. I prefer my drinks crack-free.

Continuing on, I find another optional elemental shrine. This is the Earth Shrine, and it's full of lava.

At the end is another spirit. Like the Gold Spirit, he won't give up his element without a fight.

Obviously, this guy is stronger than the Gold Spirit, but he's no match for Team Threesome. We blitz him quickly and move on. Now Farus has five of the eight elements (he started with three of them). Fire, Air, Lightning, Gold, Earth. What will the other three be? I'll find out soon.

At this point, a string of fetch quests begin. The game really slows down, as a result. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is.

Basically, I spent several hours running around trading various items for various city-folk. There was a dungeon or two in there (of course). Well, I'll sum up.

I've heard rumblings of this tree. Mainly that it's a really annoying dungeon.

Lo and behold, it's... the flying ship from Paladin's Quest? No, I don't think so... but you can't deny the similarity. It's entirely possible that this ship is one and the same, now overgrown with vegetation to the point where people believe that it's a "tree". This would indicate that Eltz (the current continent) is indeed on the planet Lennus. It's just a different part of the planet, far from the continents that the first game took place on. This would make Andel the underworld of Lennus, and mean the "godly being" filled moon of Raiga still has yet to be explored. Too bad they didn't make a Lennus 3 for that, and too bad there aren't any Lennus world experts I can talk to to clear this confusion up.

The "Great Tree" is a long, confusing maze of a dungeon that goes on and ON.

"Big Slasher" sounds like a gangsta rapper.

At the end of this arduous trek, Team Threesome must go faces-to-snout with... some kind of plant demon. This guy hits pretty hard, but he's still no match for the party.

Another benefit of having three characters instead of four? Group heals are split three ways instead of four. In a way, it's advantageous to have three good characters instead of three good characters and one placeholder. Really looking forward to getting a worthy fourth, though.

Fourth Seal get. That was one of the more annoying ones to get, without a doubt.

Next up, our heroes get caught in a battle between a church of white-cloaked guys and a church of black-cloaked guys. The latter are the villains, and we've got to stop them from getting the seventh Seal. It's currently in the Temple of Duran Duran. Wait, what? Duran Duran?

Said temple is in the middle of a weird swampy area.

The interior of the temple... is very familiar. Indeed, this place was in the original game, lending more credence to this being somewhere on Lennus. It's a maze, and at the center is the Seal.

Farus has to go it alone for this section, and along the way he has to fight three apostles. Each of these guys is nearly boss-level in strength, and this is quite the battle. Even with my higher levels, Farus almost doesn't make it.

BOOM, another one down. Three to go.

That's great, but I seem to have skipped #5 and #6. I'll need to go back and find those. Explains why the Temple of Duran Duran (hyuck) was such a spike in difficulty, I did it out of order.

Farus stops in the temple of the black cloaked guys, who seem to be a Cult of Granada type deal.

With that, it's back to Fetch Quest City. Farus has to run around getting items for different people. I seem to recall a major sidequest in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening being like this. Difference is that it was a side-quest. When it's the main quest, it slows things way down.

Another major task at this point is to get this guy to return to his family. It's a painstaking, arduous process of running back and forth between their houses.

The Tram helps out. It's a gondola that whisks you around the city, complete with awesome music.

The cities in this game tend to be too big for their own good, so this is a necessary addition.
A loser...who has two girls with him. DO YOU?

Jubal is uninterested that his wife misses him. This guy is a dick!

Jubal's son, Jade, is the next to give Farus a message for his dad.

Visual approximation of Jade. He's a good-looking boy!

Ultimately, Jubal's daughter gives us this. How macabre. We don't know where that thing has been!

Turns out that Jubal is cursed, and ran away from his family so they wouldn't have to see him turn into a monster.



Speaking of Prometheus, Jubal now rapidly mutates into a horrific beast. A sad fight follows, and our heroes are forced to kill him.

Jubal dies, and that's the end of that story. I'm not even sure if that whole section was necessary to the plot, given how much time it took. Maybe it opened up something else, I don't know.

After that somewhat Xenogears-y part, it figures that our next mission takes us into a sewer.

Straight from the Gubo!

Here's the boss of the area, the aptly-named Sewer Master. Not sure what the hell this thing is, but it's standing between me and the Fifth Seal.

There's quite the variance in attacks at this point. Farus slices enemies with his overpowered sword, Nikita kicks them with high heels, and Iris casts a spell that unleashes a rain of cows., seriously. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Got that out of the way. A little late, but hey. At this point Nikita is definitely my weakest character offensively, but I hope that changes once I find a good weapon for her. She only has a couple of usable weapons, to my knowledge.

Damn it, another good man lost to World of Warcraft!

The fetch quests continue. Our heroes found a wedding ring in the sewer, which was dropped by this poor guy who is currently getting caned by his wife. ECDUB! ECDUB!

The beatings cease once the ring is returned, and our heroes get a sweet Singapore cane out of the deal.

The cane goes to an old librarian who needs help walking, and he in turn gives up a book that is sought-after by...

...this foxy teacher. I'm dating a foxy teacher, myself. She gives up a belt, which our heroes bring to...

...this portly lady, who puts it on and begins floating in the air. What? How?

There's the sixth Seal. She was laying on it all along! At least this one doesn't involve a dungeon or a boss fight like nearly everything else in the game.

Petro is thrilled, and he's got the low-down on where the final Seal is. I've read rumors that this guy is actually Chezni from the first game, but I'm not seeing it.

In any case, the eighth Seal is in... Andel? Farus hasn't been there in a little while. What horrors await him on his return to this charred hellscape? FIND OUT, NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z.

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  1. You know, I'm starting to think that it's actually Farus who is the tool bag.

  2. I'm no super big omega Lennus specialist but I believe you don't ever go to Raiga in both games... Raiga is mentionned Lennus 1 ( I think the planet is named Lennus) Andel is a different planet and Eltz is the underworld. I don't remember if they are near ( you probably do know since you finished the game it's explained but I won't spoiler it) but the ONLY time we ever see Raiga is when the big bad is introduced in Lennus 2, he's in a random chamber... On planet Raiga ! You never actually goes there... He comes to you.

    Anyway you sure will be missing out on super awesome mercenaries, especially on the last planet, they are all really awesome and unique.

    Can't believe you missed Jahal's item. Once you beat him and talk again to a member of his family they'll give you the best item in the game. Forgot what it does, I think it's the best healing item OR it does high damage. I really should play it again.

    1. I'll be the first to admit that I played this game kind of... badly. It seems like I missed all kinds of stuff. The way I missed an item room and extra party members at the beginning of the game was outright embarassing.

      After I fought the mutating guy, I definitely did talk to his family. I think I DID get an item from them, but it didn't seem to be worth using. One of these days I'm going to load the game up and see if I still have it.

  3. You're right that Link's Awakening had a similar Fetch Quest chain. You traded items like six times as different funny scenarios happened and eventually ended up with the Boomerang.

  4. Semi spoilers : Chezni is currently on this planet so it is really possible this airship is his and he just left it here.

    The party Farus, Chezni and another character are going on Raiga at the very end of the game. Let's hope that Lennus 3 will be happening... Well who are we joking