Friday, July 6, 2012

Paladin's Quest Finale: Bring Down The Sky

I know how they feel. We have George W Bush.

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The story is confusing at this point, but to sum up... Kaymat is the "monster of Dal Gren", i.e. the dragon from the intro. I think. The dragon in the past that got pinned to the ground was the previous "monster of Dal Gren". Never do we know for sure what Dal Gren is, except that it's a weapon that can destroy the world. Skynet?

Back in the present, our heroes finally get the flying machine. With that, 99% of the world is accessible. This is a bit cooler than your usual RPG flying machine, being a gravity-defying sphere.

At this point, returning to one of the first towns in the game nets you what may be the two best mercenaries in the game. Both of these guys are debatably more powerful than Mouth.

For my part, I just take Hawk to replace the fallen Nails, sticking with Mouth for the rest.

At this point Zaygos isn't even trying to rule the world any more...he just wants to blow it up. Huh. No word on how our actions in the past dramatically changed the present. It seems like a loop because nothing seems to have changed. We just got the ultimate spell and returned.

Our heroes return to the first town, where Chezni's teacher - yet again - makes light of the proceedings.

Zaygos doesn't have to be sneaky, and I'm surprised this guy isn't dust.

Taking a moment to do a few side-quests. This is the last chance for it, after all.

Here's a merc I must have completely missed earlier in the game. At this point he can't hang with our heroes, alas.

This Debbie Downer takes a moment to depress our heroes. Chin up, bro!

Interesting how Zaygos has turned on the people of Saskout as well now that he has full control over the ultimate power / Kaymat / Dal Gren / nukes.

This hidden shop has the best equipment in the game. Ragnarok Sword, I presume? It's all very expensive, though, and the stat upgrades aren't huge at this point.

I also take some time to level-build some more. Mainly Chezni, who is the most pivotal damage-dealer in the final battle. This is a massive amount of EXP for one character to get in this game.

Final stats before going into the final battle. To have any chance, they should be AT LEAST this high-leveled.

Chezni's final stats. Spirit draws from all the elements, so you want them to all be decently built up at this point.

This is it. Time for Zaygos.

Atop the Throne of the Immortals is the final dungeon of the game. Heeeere we go.

At the end of this short dungeon, we find... Duke? That dwarf from the intro?

You're a poor man's Pokey, Duke!

With that, Duke TRANSFORMS~! into Zaygos. The hell?

Our heroes furiously cast buffs as the battle begins.


Chezni now unleashes the power of Spirit, the only way to win this.

Zaygos responds by... sprouting wings? By Jove!

He's far more dangerous now, and damage dealt to him is no longer visible. Are we even doing damage? NO ONE KNOWS.

One final flash and...

BOOM. With that, the game is ov-

Zaygos is now piiiiissed. he gets nude!

He then merges with the dragon from hell. Well, this could be a problem.

And indeed, this is by far the most difficult fight in the game. Heck, it is one of the most difficult fights in RPG history. The best way to win is to set up spells that reflect damage... because he can sure dish it out.

Also... be prepared to lose.

Here is his deadliest attack, a rapid-fire series of finger-beams. It completely decimates our heroes. IF ONLY WE'D PICKED UP THAT GUY WHO HAS LIFTING STRENGTH!

The Giga Bottle in action, as I realize that perhaps I should have replaced the consistently knocked-out Mouth after all.

Chezni continuously pummels our foe with Spirit, until...

...the win is eked out.

Our heroes make their flying machine escape as the fortress crumbles.

A parade now transpires in the flower city of Jurayn, and all of our old allies pop up to pay their respects. Well, all of the ones who survived...

It's Dan, of Street Fighter fame!

Smash, the featured player in the game's most memorable scene.

Mouth... man, characters in this game tend to have some bizarre names.

Joyce's dickish boyfriend returns here, and he has clearly learned a lesson.

This guy has many questions about life.

"Fuckin' magic? How does it work?" Lennus 2? Perhaps.

The good guys take flight to go back to their homes, and that's all she wrote.

The credits roll, full of scenes from the game. Pretty cool.

And that's it. Good game, one that is still remembered today in some circles. Sooner or later I may do a few posts on the Japan-only sequel, Lennus 2. Stay tuned.


  1. It's good to see this game's ending and even better to see that everyone from around the world came to party with you after it was all over.

  2. Lennus 2 got translated dude. This game is fucking godly, I highly recommend it. It's also the second most beautiful rpg after Tales of Phantasia ( and Star Ocean ) still not as classic as Paladin's Quest but it's better than it in every other way except the music.

    1. I actually just finished playing Lennus 2. And you're right, it's pretty great. Also did posts for it. Take a look:

  3. I'm not sure but I think Dal Gren is basically the place you go in the beginning of the game, somehow it gives power to the monsters born from it.

    Well I say that because the only link between Strabo and Keymat is that they were born in the same place. Noi Gren (Lokiarn) is probably a weaker version of the Dal Gren monster that Zaygos managed to make. Dunno they never did explains it but it still makes more sense than rpgs we have these days.

    Anyway Lennus III would have been really epic. Pretty sure the Raiga are the one who put all that weird shit underground and invented magic seeing as both Midia, Farus and Chezni can easily master almost every magic available ( they are literally kids VS guys like Hawk who was basically the most promising mage in the world, still less adept then the Raigas lol).

    Also Zaygos is saying '' People from Raiga are amazing after all'' because he seems to be a Doru, he has no link with Gabnid, too bad appart from wanting to conquer the world we never even saw what this guy motivations were. If he knew about Raiga maybe he wanted to unify the world against them? Damn wish we had Lennus III... almost as much as I wished we had Golvellius II and Landstalker II

  4. Lennus III would have been awesome. Such a missed opportunity. The first two games set it up really well by establishing the Raiga moon as this mythological wonderland, and the overall story ends with the heroes of both games teaming up to go there and see what lies beyond.

  5. Yep thinking about it Zaygos was amazing, it feels like he wanted to unite the entire continent to wage war against Raiga, he felt inadequate to Chezni and Midia but instead of it being about a love triangle it was more about Zaygos being jealous of not being from the Raiga bloodline. That's the only reason I can see why he wanted to fuck things up, otherwise he wouldn't have talked about Raiga before fusionning with Keymat.
    Basically Kormu X Sophie X Gabnid all over again except about different things... Hell Duke and Chezni being friends of sorts for a while(providing Duke always had been Zaygos from the start) would not totally be out of place. This would also explain why Duke and his classmates were all jealous of Chezni.

    Despite the shitty translation I can kinda guess where the guys who made this game were getting at. All Hail Lennus

    1. Great comments, thanks. I learned some stuff about the game. Had no idea Gubo Island was part of a ship from Raiga. The whole Raiga thing is really interesting. I know the possibility of a Lennus 3 is like 0.1% but I'll hope for someone out there in Japan to revive it.