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Final Fantasy Legend, Part 2 - Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

Previously on Final Fantasy Legend - A lot happened. I covered a huge amount of the game because it's actually quite short. Much shorter than I remember. Catch up on the original post HERE.

After a few more generic tower floors, here's World 3 (of 4), the Sky World. It's all clouds and it's ruled by Roy Koopa Byak-ko.

The Mutants are OUTTA CONTROL with their HP growth. Even with lots of grinding HP 200's (from 400 onward, one at a time) my human still can't keep up.

F it, since the water world is the last place that sells HP 200 for a bit, I'm just gonna go for 999 here before moving on. Oh man, I'm really doing this.

Looks like the Sky World has a resistance faction that's fighting against Byak-ko. The bad news is...

...he's got his own army and basically rules this floor with an iron fist.

The next part has Byak-ko actually recruiting your heroes to work for him. He tells them what Sosa told Scarface.

After getting blocked constantly by his troops as I wander the halls, I find...

...this lady he's been holding captive, which is why the heroes infiltrated the base I guess.

Byak-ko is infuriated by our sudden but inevitable betrayal, and throws everyone into prison.

Now Sera is "prison hard". When you're doing time in D-Block, you gotta take out the biggest dog in the yard.

Well, that lasts all of ten seconds before they break out and confront the boss.

This guy looks awesome, single-handedly the best-looking sprite in the game IMO. The fight, however, can be brought to a speedy conclusion with...

...the Saw, which is a one-shot on the 50% chance that it lands. Well, it's an implied 50% in the manual, but it seems more like 25% to me. Still, this thing works on most foes in this game, including some of the bosses.

With Byak-ko and the Sky World beaten, the tower ascent continues though this flooded world where people wouldn't stop littering and it clogged up the storm drains, or something. Continue past this to arrive in...

...the fourth world, which is some sort of modern world, we hear about the boss terrorizing this one. Su-Zaku is much stronger than the other fiends up to this point, AND he shows up as an unbeatable overworld enemy constantly.

Alot of this world seems to be in ruins, and there are subway tunnel dungeons that lead around the overw-

OH MY GOD. Help!

Anyway, subway tunnels that get you around the overworld. These are pretty much the only way to get around without constant harassment from Su-Zaku.

This world looks like it's mostly in ruins, except when it isn't. Did Judgment Day happen here or something? DID SKYNET DO THIS?

The downside to the subway tunnels is that you have to face the scourge that is...Gunfish. These things must be why Su-Zaku doesn't dare come down here.

At the pub, the local gang talks shop with our heroes, and eventually they give him their bike.

Now I can zip around, but only in this world. It's also supposed to keep Su-Zaku away, but it didn't for me.

Inventory management is becoming a real problem at this point because I'm like CONSTANTLY running out of space while it heaps more and more items. And this being an old game, it never tells you when you don't need key items anymore, so they sit in your inventory. And throwing out a key item while you still need it can actually bork your game. Though the only time this is really a major threat (i.e. something you can't re-get) is with the Erase 99 item in this chapter. Basically don't throw it away until after this world and you'll be fi-


The shops here sell some of the best stuff in the game. It's the second-to-last round of shops and sells quite a few things that the last round doesn't. This ludicrously-expensive "Hyper" is a 3-charge laser that does massive damage and should be reserved for major challenges. It isn't really necessary though when you have stuff like Saw and the Stone spell that can one-shot tougher foes.

HP200's are sold here for the first time in a while, so here's the chance to max out Human HP if you didn't painstakingly do it in the water world. Takes a lot less time to get the money now.

The main quest in this world involves finding the ROM and BOARD and combining them to create Erase 99.

There's also this storyline about how this So-Cho guy is like the protector of the town, and then he recklessly sacrifices himself attacking a bunch of...electric spikes? I don't know what these things are. You gotta use a lot of imagination.

This leads to a boss fight with WarMech from FF1 except with a new name. Not nearly as deadly either, but it's probably the 3rd hardest fight I had in this playthrough because it didn't just insta-die like most of the other bosses.

With Erase 99 secured (whatever you do, don't toss it), it's time to get revenge on Su-Zaku. This thing will erase his barrier of invulnerability.

Unfortunately Su-Zaku struck first, and annihilated the town. That or a Terminator finally got in.

Course, now that we actually WANT to fight Su-Zaku, he's nowhere to be found. Gotta hunt him down by going to his actual lair.

Out in the nuked post-apocalyptic wastelands, we find the Skyscraper. This is probably the hardest dungeon in the game. Well, the final few tower floors are the hardest, but I gotta say, the Skyscraper is certainly the most confusing.

For one thing, every time you find the right door on any given floor to move to the next floor, you end up on a screen like this with no clue what to do. Going up through the door puts you back where you were, so you think you hit a dead end and wander around more. Nope, what you actually have to do is step to the right (or sometimes left) to get warped up to the next floor.

There are also tons of hidden passages in here and most aren't this obvious.

That uber-expensive laser weapon we saw in the shop earlier is found here. It's 3 charges of PAIN.

Sometimes I lay awake and wonder what life events cause a large-breasted? gender-ambiguous winged demon to form an alliance with a chimera. Lot of strange bedfellows in this game.

The confusion continues with the room of doors. Only one door in this entire damn room actually works.

And then there's the room of invisible pathways!

And the room of stairs! I don't wanna talk about it.

Finally, we fall back down to the basement and arrive at this underground subway. I really like when games do stuff like this (Secret of Mana is another one) and include modern-world technologies to indicate that the game might be in our far future. Some of the later Kirby games do this too.

To be concluded...shortly

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