Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Nintendo Power Reviews - Episodes 20, 21, and 22 With Notes


Get the power! Nintendo Power! The review series has returned with new Youtube episodes.

Episode 20: Volume 8 - Things begin again with the Ducktales issue, and plans for future episodes. We've got Dragon Warrior, TMNT, and the heavy wordiness that goes with early-era NP. This one also features the tremendous man that is Mark Discordia. Look upon his works, ye mighty, and despair. Seriously though, the early issues have so much text compared to the later issues.

Episode 21: Volume 56 - The Mega Man X issue. This one was filmed earlier in time, hence different hair. Easily one of my favorite NP issues of all time. Featuring lots and lots of Mega Man X talk, the Montreal Screwjob of Secret of Mana being left off of the music charts, and the earliest, glorious looks at Super Metroid and Wario Land. I also tell stories about T2: The Arcade Game.

Episode 22: Volume 20 - The Mega Man 3 issue. This one is filmed on-location in both Chicago and Boston and I had a lot of fun getting this one done, even with all the technical difficulties. Lots and LOTS of Mega Man 3 talk and reminiscing on hanging out with friends as a kid, like the main bro who cheated me out of wins in Street Fighter II. We also get some pretty damn nice vistas with Chicago and Boston. It's worth noting that the close-ups are largely off-timed in this one for some reason. This was definitely the most technical difficulty filled episode so far and that's up against some steep competition. However I like the way this came out.

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