Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Code Vein Boss Fights


This is a great game. It's basically Souls with less polish, much worse world and level design, and way more attractive characters. The sum total of all of that is that it's a blast. One thing's for sure, ally characters being able to revive you (on a 30 second or so cooldown) really saved me in this game. Recorded all the boss fights, here they are.

Oliver Collins - I clearly didn't know what I was doing yet on this fight. The transformation mechanic reminds me a lot of the first boss of Dark Souls III. Even not knowing what you're doing, this fight is easy. One of the couple of fights in the game that have that distinction, because most of them are rough.

Invading Executioner - This fight is super hard for a second boss and I bet it caused a lot of players to quit. Apparently it's supposed to be the third boss and I accidentally sequence-broke. Doing them in the right order wouldn't have made much of a difference though. Either way this fight is the one that's gonna determine whether you're in it to win it or not. Even as a Souls veteran this was a struggle for me, but at least there aren't any other bosses this difficult until about halfway through the game.

Butterfly of Delirium - I fought this one out of order (it's supposed to be before the Invading Executioner) and at this point I'd switched to a two-hander setup that I ended up keeping for the rest of the game. Pretty much bumbled my way through the fight and brute-forced it. It's still very difficult for being early-game and debatably the hardest roadblock-type fight, though I'd give the nod to the Executioner overall.

Insatiable Despot - Harvey Weinstein? I basically brute-forced my way through this fight too and I didn't really deserve this win. The adds were the most annoying thing about the fight, especially since I didn't pay enough attention to them. Very Bloodborne-ish fight.

Argent Wolf Berserker - What a great name. You can see me getting better at the game in this fight. This one is INSANELY CLOSE.

Successor of the Ribcage - Pretty easy fight here and I was starting to get the hang of the OP two-hander meta. You have to fight this boss twice in a row and I only recorded the first time, so that makes it a bit more of a threat.

Queen's Knight - Had some on-point dodging here. A lot of the two-handed meta is using attack buffs (that wear off if you get hit) and then landing the biggest hit you can without getting hit yourself in the meantime. It can get intense. Had a HUGE hit midway through this one. It's worth noting that bosses take drastically-reduced damage while they're powering up or otherwise at a standstill for some sort of required animation, so it's a waste of a big attack to go after them during these apparent openings. Also you NEED that on-point dodging when these bosses take off half your health with one swing.

Successor of the Breath - This one was rough, and took me down several times, but eventually I got it. Helped a lot to have an accomplice spamming spells. Also, I LOVE this ice area. Probably the prettiest-looking area in the game, especially after the very grungy and bland post-apocalyptic first half of the game.

Gilded Hunter - This one felt like it should have been more difficult, and has been near the top of a few "difficult boss" lists for the game, but I was able to handle it easily for one particular reason: The totally OP 100% block power of the Zweihander. There are several other much better offensive weapons that I switched to later in the game, but nothing beats the Zweihander defensively.

Successor of the Claw - Visually impressive cat-like boss here. This was a pretty sloppy fight, though as you can see I changed weapons and was still getting the hang of the new one. The Queenslayer Hammer is good for pancaking foes, but only has like 95% block defense compared to the Zweihander's 100%.

Successor of the Throat - Aside from an embarassing whiff on a swing at the beginning, this went well. Had the best offensive two-hander in the game at this point and used it over the hammer or the Zweihander. However, this is the only boss fight I used it for. Considering all the currency I saved up to get it, it turned out to not be necessary. This is because the "critical hit" meta I switched to after this was much better off with a particular halberd than it is with the best sword.

Blade Bearer and Cannoneer - The hardest fight in the game, probably. It was so bad that it forced me to learn some damage-maxing methods and develop a One-Shot Build of sorts. That's right, this is one of those fights that forces you to completely re-do your build just to get past it. Like Velius in FFT, or a bunch of bosses in Dark Souls 2. It wasn't that complicated once I got it going. Stacked as much as I could buff-wise and just absolutely annihilated these guys. The first few times I fought them I got destroyed just as badly, and it took about 6 hours of farming to get the damage-maxing meta up to full power. Once it was ready, it absolutely felt like cheating. I should be ashamed! Luckily the meta only goes so far before it starts to lose power. The last couple of fights, and NG+ fights, take more effort.

Juzo Mido - Another very difficult fight that I just annihilated with the new meta. Under normal circumstances this might be the 2nd-hardest fight in the game and it follows right after the 1st. I wasn't messing around, though. The good news is that you never have to repeat boss fights in this game, even if you lose to the fight right after. I like how the strikes sync up with the music for the first few seconds of the fight.

Queen's Knight Reborn - The third and last difficult fight that I was really able to insta-slaughter with the damage-maxing meta. That was fun. This fight is absolute balls if you do it normally, like the previous two fights.

Attendant of the Relics - The easiest boss in the game. Didn't need to bust out any particular tricks for this one.

Skull King - The penultimate boss, fought right before the final boss. Again though, you never have to re-fight bosses in this game, so boss rush type situations aren't really any kind of problem. This one was pretty much a slugfest while not being particularly difficult, even though it's supposed to be. This is like other Soulsborne games in that it gets easier as it goes on. The first half of the game is (mostly) way harder than the second half, because by this point you've got all kinds of metas and min-maxing going on. Though you've got a few uber-tough bosses in the mix for the second half as well. Let's see if the final boss puts up more of a fight, considering both of these battles are supposed to be pretty rough.

The Virgin Born - The final boss has a hell of a name. This fight wasn't too bad, felt like I was just about the right level for it and was able to survive a few mishaps. TBH it sorta felt like the main game ended with Juzo Mido and everything after that was an expansion pack.

Very good game here.

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