Thursday, October 14, 2021

Metroid: Zero Mission Brisk Walk


I wanted to do one speed-run type Youtube deal for Metroid Month and it was too soon to do another Super Metroid run. Given my future Metroid series plans, it made the most sense to plow Zero Mission.

-Had to record this over several sessions due to interruptions. It's no big deal, but it's funny to see my shirt change multiple times throughout the run because it was recorded at different times of day or even different days.

-How about that early Ridley fight, huh?

-There are a few brief skips in the gameplay due to me pausing or the phone ringing, etc. This isn't intended to be a hardcore no-skips speed run.

-The first half of this goes a lot better than the second half, though the whole thing was fun. The first half has a lot of sequence breaking and the like, while the second half is more of an item cleanup that I had to take a bit more slowly due to skipping those items on previous runs and being unsure of their locations.

-Mother Brain is easily the hardest fight in this game...maybe the only hard fight. It's more frustrating than anything else. The two Silver Pirates in the final room of the game shouldn't be slept on either though, they actually pose a legit threat of death if you don't go in guns blazing and take them out quick.

-I wonder what an expanded Chozodia could look like in Super Metroid. Maybe we'll find out if it ever gets a remake (hopefully not though).

While we're at it, check out my "review" of Metroid Dread. What an exciting week this is. Dread is getting the biggest post in site history, so stay tuned.

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