Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mega Man X7 Playthrough


Time for a video playthrough of what I consider to be the worst game in the Mega Man series. I've done video playthroughs of almost this entire series now. Only thing left after this is Mega Man X8. Who is that in the background of this title screen, anyway? Looks like a robed figure. Dr. Wily? Nah, it's probably just Axl.

Part 1 - The Intro Stage. Even the intro stage is pretty bad in this game. I mean there is nothing appealing about this stage at all. Get ready to hear me sound pretty dismal for a lot of this one, because this game really wipes you out.

Part 2 - I struggle with the first of the eight main levels. The main struggle? Dealing with the fundamentally-flawed design of this shitty game! At least Mega Man X6, as bad as the level design was, had the foundation of using the engine from the previous two games. This one goes off in a new direction that doesn't work. So it's as bad as X6, but in a different way. I'd give this one the edge on badness over X6 overall.

Part 3 - I manage to finally defeat my first boss! ...then get obliterated by a boxing kangaroo. It's Ip Man II all over again.

Part 4 - In what can only be called a minor miracle, I down two more stages. It's good to be productive in one of these videos.

Part 5 - I aim to break my previous record by finishing 3 more stages. Kangaroo rematch! Splash Warfly's stage is actually kind of okay! And most importantly, the absolute horror that is Tornado Tonion. Ya know, Flame Hyenard gets all of the flack in this game as far as bosses go, but it's safe to say Tornado Tonion might be even worse.

Part 6 - A shorter update here, as I run into the brick wall that is trying to 100% the game by rescuing everyone. We get a good look at how damn bad the game is, as rescue targets randomly get wiped out before I can possibly get to them. These last two stages are turning into a real PITA.

Part 7 - Another short update. Going for 100% in Mega Man X games is usually a really fun time, but like I said before, in this game it's a brick wall. Here I decide to give up on collecting everything and instead just go for X's armor parts, and even THAT turns out to be a lame experience.

Part 8 - Here I fight the last two bosses of the original eight. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) one of them is the infamous worst boss in Mega Man history: Flame Hyenard. Oh God.

Part 9 - I plow through the Fortress. Game moves a lot faster when you don't have to stop to collect permadeath hostages and items constantly. Also, the fight with Red is some real Majin Buushit. His tag team partner is the camera.

Part 10 - The boss rush and the final battle. This is, no joke, the first Mega Man game where I didn't enjoy the boss rush. None of the bosses know how to shut up, and when you have them all back-to-back like this, it's even more egregious. At least the two final battles have great music.

That's it for this one, only have X8 left to record a playthrough of. And if image-posts are more your jam, see the original Mega Man X7 post here.

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