Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Yakuza 6 - Boss Fights

The last game of the Kiryu Saga and the last one of these I'm doing. The boss fights in this game feel a bit like a fighting game, while previous installments played more like brawlers.

Ed - The first boss is a member of the Chinese Triads, who make a comeback in this game as main antagonists for a while. He also bears a striking resemblance to Kandar of Kandar's Hentai Emporium fame from Dragon Quest III

Shun Akiyama - The main guy I liked playing as in Yakuza 4 and Yakuza 5 besides Kiryu. Since you only play as Kiryu in this game, they had to make sure everyone knows whose band this is I guess. Not to worry, they go back to being homies after this.

Tsuyoshi Nagumo - Another brawl with an ally so Kiryu can show his superiority. It's his band, dammit! He's gotta beat up all of the other good guys. What is he, Triple H?

BASEBRAWL - Notable fight here because it takes place on a baseball field. Very out of the ordinary for this series, to say the least.

Koji Masuzoe - Would it kill any of these guys to fight one-on-one? Also worth noting that this boss does a bit of Kung-Fu. Not a lot and it isn't that effective since this game is easy and Kiryu roflstomps everybody, but he's doing it!

Someya, 1st Fight - Really good music in this fight. After he had a big drink of sake at the beginning I took that as a cue to go to the subscreen and level up a bunch of times, since we were powering up.

Joon-Gi Han - This is a hell of a fight. Like that it takes place in a wrestling ring. The music here makes it feel like an Ehrgeiz fight.

Ed, Mark II - This looks like Corneo's Mansion. Ed looks like he should be a Corneo goon, too.

Hangman - Fighting a pro wrestler named Hangman. Considering they put most of New Japan Pro Wrestling's top brass into this game as characters, it probably isn't a coincidence. Why not have him look like Hangman Page, though? Oh well.

Someya, Mark II - Tremendous "Let's Fighting Love" thumbnail as we take on the game's main recurring foe. Resorted to fighting dirty in this battle. Great music once again, only issue with the incredible soundtrack of the game is the way most of these great tracks only play once or twice.

Kanji Koshimizu - This dude is a badass along the lines of Lao Gui from Yakuza Zero. Another cool battle arena for this one as the fight takes place in the city next to some train tracks.

Joon-Gi Han, Mark II - Another Joon-Gi Han fight, more badass music. At 1:35 or so the music gets very Touhou-esque...and then ends too soon because the fights in this game are, of course, super-easy compared to the previous games. No 20-minute fights here.

Joon-Gi Han, Mark III - And yet another one because they didn't get enough mileage out of this guy yet. He's a really hate-able opponent. Just a top heel. At 2:03 we get that Touhou music again but not for long.

Yuta - This one is an INFERNO MATCH. Another instance of Kiryu beating up one of his friends. He's a worse friend than Duncan Macleod.

Toru Hirose - The most epic fight in the game, as well it should be considering he gets top billing on the box art next to Kiryu. This one requires a lot more finesse and strategy than previous fights, and might be the toughest fight in the game overall.

Someya, Mark III - Kiryu battles another friend (sort of) amid some pretty damn great music.

Kanji Koshimizu, Mark II - This dude sorta resembles Minoru Suzuki. On purpose? In this one case, probably not. This battle isn't what it should have been because of the massive parade of jobbers onscreen getting in the way.

Final Boss - And this dude resembles Satoru Iwata. Again, not sure if intentional.

Well, that was a fun series.

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