Monday, September 28, 2020

Mega Man X6 Playthrough

More Mega Man videos as I replay one of the worst games. Why do this to myself a second time? I don't know.

Part 1 - In this one I talk about how the game is general dookey. This is a fairly laid-back playthrough so don't expect power-playing or speedrunning. Contains Junk Robot, Isoc Doing Nothing, and Commander Yammark.

Part 2 - That's right, they're continuing the trend of sub-par boss names from the previous game. This time they don't even have a Guns N' Roses theme, it's just random terrible-sounding names. Contains The Return of Dynamo~!, Infinity Mijinion (whatever that is), and Shield Sheldon (no we can't have Armored Armadillo, we have Shield Sheldon at home)

Part 3 - The ASMR Episode. In this one I use ASMR to make my journey bearable. Featuring the soothing sounds of button-tapping and lip-smacking. Contains Blizzard Wolfang (cool boss, cool idea for a stage, terrible stage) and Rainy Turtloid (cool idea for a stage, terrible everything)

Part 4 - Another ASMR Episode. Contains Ground Scaravich, as Capcom finally crosses the rubicon and includes a dung beetle as a boss. Also has the absolutely horrendous Blaze Heatnix level.

Part 5 - It's Metal Shark Madness, as I devote an episode to the horror that is Metal Shark Player. I also make a run at the fortress and run into the brick wall of bad design that they put in the final levels by requiring you to have specific items to proceed.

Part 6 - Zero's Ill-Fated Trip to the Fortress. I tried something a bit different here and wheeled in Zero. It didn't go so well.

Part 7 - The item-collecting episode, as at this point I just took the L and went back to get as many items as I could to be able to actually proceed through the fortress. I can't imagine the original Mega Man X stopping you at the Sigma Fortress and saying "noop, you can't get past these platforms or do any damage to Vile unless you got all of the powerups"

Part 8 - Fortress 1. A little more item-collecting, then a fast and furious run at the fortress with my shiny new Shadow Armor. Boy, that went differently.

Part 9 - Fortress 2. In this one I do the game's hardest level and take on the interminable High Max and Gate fights. They're the real final bosses of the game. Both fights take an age and a half and manage to not even be a little bit fun.

Part 10 - Final Stage. Once Gate is mercifully out of the way, all that's left is the extremely-simple final level and a joke of a last boss. I guess this gimme is a reward for getting this far.

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