Saturday, July 11, 2020

Yakuza 5 Remastered - Boss Fights

Time for the next one. I seem to be covering all of the Yakuzas, as it turns out.

Morinaga and Aizawa - The first real boss fight is against these two Agent Smiths. It's cool because it takes place right on the river.

Yahata - This fight has a messy start and end. So far the fights in this game are aggressively mundane compared to the previous entries in the series. Hopefully Kiryu starts getting more variety of moves as I go.

Prison Yard Brawl - This guy was a total creep, but it wasn't much of a fight...until he got down to almost no health and I suddenly couldn't land any attacks on him for a while. Bosses in this game don't really feel like bosses because they have normal health meters.

Kan Ogita - The boss fights in this game feel weirdly ordinary compared to the flashy enemies of the earlier games. It's like Rocky V and how the villain was just this regular guy. At least this boss uses Capoeira...the rare times he can get any offense off.

Kiryu Gets Laid - Now for something completely different. It's romance: Kiryu style. The sound effects were added by me.

Kamon Kanai I - Big boss fight here, notable because it takes place in a subway. Yakuza 5 likes to throw these big swarms of enemies at you.

Atsushi Sakai - This is a bit different because A) You're playing as a character new to the series and B) It's a weapon-based fight.

Daigo Dojima - He returns. Surprised you never play as this guy over the entire series. Like Goro Majima he's a frequent ally who is pretty much on Kiryu's level.

Masato Aizawa I - Spoiler Alert: This is one of those situations where you fight the final boss of the game a little earlier. It's a cage match which is always fun. Seems like every Yakuza game has one big fight in a cage.

Boss Rush - A lategame series of fights. In an earlier game this would have been the final battle, but not in this behemoth of a game. Your two characters battle two rivals in a tag match, then battle each other after that. Yep, you guessed it, it's just like "Rowdy" Roddy Piper Vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage at Great American Bash 1998.

Intermission - This was a hell of an ending to a pool game. I was way behind on points and getting destroyed at this point. This single-handedly made me want to get better at ingame pool. Maybe in Yakuza 6.

Goro Majima - The first of four final battles for the four main characters, like the previous game. Majima is a badass opponent, as usual. In retrospect it was a super big deal that you get to play as him in Yakuza Zero. This fight is fast and furious, one of the best ones in this game. He should have gotten to be the final boss just once in this series, IMO.

Shigeki Baba - Probably the hardest of the last few fights. Really good music for this one, and it takes place in the Tokyo Dome during a concert which is a rad touch. I got absolutely murdered during most of this fight by a much quicker opponent, so tune in for that. The music gets even better during the final phase (his last life meter). One of the reasons I got into recording the fights in this series in the first place was because of how good the music often is.

Kamon Kanai II - The third of the four final battles. This series really likes sets of four final bosses. Which games did it? Yakuza Zero, Yakuza 4, Yakuza 5. This dude likes bringing a knife to a fistfight. This fight is noteworthy because it's one of the few boss fights in the series that takes place out on the normal streets of Kamurocho rather than in a special arena.

Masato Aizawa II - Actually this might be the hardest of the last few fights, or maybe it's just the most drawn-out and time-consuming. I didn't do particularly well with this one. Also found it one of the less memorable final bosses. They tried really hard to make this guy like the villain of Yakuza 2 and he just wasn't as interesting. Again, though, the music here is tremendous.

Now for something completely different - Haruka has her own chapter, and it doesn't have any boss fights...unless you count the dance-offs. So I whipped up a little something.

Onward to Yakuza 6

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