Monday, February 17, 2020

Yakuza 3 Remastered - Boss Fights

Yakuza 3 Remastered has some sweet boss fights, as is tradition. Let's jump into it. Caution: Spoilers within.

Goro Majima - The Bass of the series (or the Vegeta) couldn't be left out of this one. He's relegated to first boss status in this one, unfortunately for him. He'll be back.

Rikiya Shimabukuro - Kiryu's latest ally debuts by losing to him in a fight, as is tradition, just so we all know whose band this is.

Tetsuo Tamashiro - There's a point in every Yakuza game where the fights start to get difficult or time-consuming if you haven't powered up your character yet. This guy is the one for this game.

Hasebe - This is a noteworthy brawl because it takes place in a club and Kiryu gets to do some staff-fighting.

Patriarch Kanda - Kandar from Dragon Quest 3 is a real perv, and more or less the halfway-point boss of the game.

Goro Majima CAGE MATCH - The big battle with Majima, UFC-style. If this is the last time I fight him in the series, it was a good battle to go out on.

Lau Ka Long - The dastardly Triad leader returns for one more run, because they had to pad the game's runtime. This guy is probably the first genuinely tough boss whether you're prepared or not.

Joji - Another club fight. This is a good one because I had most of my moves at this point. Bosses in this game love to turtle up and block everything, so this guy actually having some counters was fun.

Man in Black - This fight was awesome because I absolutely wailed on him with furniture. Eventually he manages to get off some pretty good retaliation.


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