Friday, July 29, 2016

Pokemon: Generation I (Part 2 - Misty)

Previously on Pokemon Yellow, our hero defeated "The Next Big Thing" BRRRRROCK... well, just Brock. Today, I take on the second Gym Leader and her short shorts. But first, I track down the reclusive Kung-Fu prodigy and Israeli special forces sharpshooter known as Mankey. JOIN US.

All is not well in the land. The nefarious Team Rocket have been spotted out and about, stealing Pokemen with no regard for the feelings of the children. These terrorist sons of bastards need to be stopped post-haste!

The area between the first and second gyms is fairly lengthy, mainly because it's full of trainer battles. And to answer her question...

...yes, LASS. Yes I did.

Pikachu and Ambrose can now win the heart of LASS with a spirited Double Team. Not only is it a whirlwind of pleasure, it also raises Evasion.

I wish this were LASS talking.

Instead it's this douchebag. "She's not my mother, TODD" he says while roaring around on a rad to the max skateboard.

Man, there is NO END to these fights. Some of them are avoidable, but most aren't. It's all good though, the experience points are much-needed.

English motherfucker! Do you speak it!?

Keep this up and I will put you back inside Stephanie McMahon's chest where you belong!

 I notice that you can talk to Pikachu in this game and see what kind of mood he's in. Interesting. He's expressive, unlike The RZA of Wu-Tang Clan fame.

The RZA is thrilled about getting a cameo in Pokemon Yellow!

East of Pewter City, Mankey can spawn. It's worth seeking him out, as a former special forces operative with elite combat training.

In other words, he's a Fighting-type Pokemon who would have made a huge difference against Brock and his protege. Not sure if you can keep wandering past the town and get to Mankey before the gym. I've been told that there's an even earlier area where Mankey can show up; haven't tested that though. Either way, I recommend looking into getting this guy before the first gym. He's good throughout the game, too. Powering up Mankey is my new project.

I rearrange my party to make room for the reclusive Kung-Fu prodigy that is Mankey. He swore he'd never get back into fighting after the accident, but the situation with Team Rocket is one that he can ignore NO LONGER.

Mankey tapes up his fists and gets ready for action...then immediately goes upside-down to flaunt his nether-regions. Spearow is NOT amused.

Now Mankey is fainting. What the hell? For a reclusive Kung-Fu master who once conducted special ops in the Balkans, Mankey is a disappointment.

The next section of the game is Mt. Moon, a legitimate dungeon. It's a bit of a maze and very difficult to negotiate the first time through if your 'mons aren't sufficiently powered-up. Mankey would be a boon here due to his strength against rock-types (the main foes here), but he's still a bit level-deficient. If he'd spend less time proudly showing off his peen while doing handstands, he'd be a more efficient part of the team.

I capture Geodude here, which is significant because he was one of Brock's 'mons. This tells the player that they can collect boss lineups too if they want. Unfortunately, my Geodude doesn't seem to be in the same league as Brock's.

Zubats are the bane of everyone's existence in Pokemon Go. I've wasted so many 'balls trying to catch them. Luckily, the hero in this game has better aim than most of us, and nabs these bats on the first try.

I'm starting to collect TMs at this point. That stands for Technical Machine. Use one of these and it'll teach a move to a Pokemon. Unfortunately the majority of the moves I get from TMs aren't good, aside from some of the TMs that gym leaders give up.

Meanwhile, Hiker takes time out of burying his victims to chase our hero. He just wants to play "put on the ropes"! It's a fun new game!


He escapes the serial killer and runs right into something even more treacherous...Otacon.

Here's a Pokemon that I do not remember existing: Grimace's Spooge. 

It wouldn't be the first time THAT happened.

At the end of the dungeon are two fossils. Each one turns into a different rare pokemon later. It's a tough call figuring out which to go for now. The beauty of this series is that even missables like this aren't actually missable when you can trade with other players. There are no wrong choices, because eventually you can catch 'em all.

I go with the Dome Fossil, which eventually becomes Kabutops...a rock/water powerhouse. Well, "powerhouse". He's a bit slow. I won't get him until much later, though. Until then I'll be lugging around this giant fossil. Now I know how the NWO felt under Hollywood Hogan.

Speaking of dastardly factions, Team Rocket has arrived...and By God, they want that fossil! Who knew these bastards were archaeologists?

They drop their famous catchphrase. Unfortunately for them, Ambrose doesn't know what surrender means.

...legitimately, he doesn't know. He skipped a lot of classes.

 This pair caught me at the worst possible time. I have one conscious Pokemon and he's not doing too well. As a result...

...they BARELY take me out with their team captain, the diabolical Meowth. Ambrose blacks out again and wakes up behind a nearby dumpster with a "rocket" drawn on his forehead.

 I return in slightly-better shape (re-doing this dungeon is a biyatch) and this time I eke out a victory. Moments after this picture was taken, Ambrose ran in and hit Dirty Deeds on both members of Team Rocket while Pikachu jumped up and down and clapped with his small yellow hands.

There are also jobber/goon class Rocket members roaming around. They're significantly easier to beat. They also crack whips, which is kinda dark. Suffice to say, they're not nice to their Pokemon like the rest of us are.

Got a decent TM just now, though Mankey's go-to move is still Low Kick. That's right, Mankey goes right for the junk! BY GOD, his Krav Maga training hasn't lost ONE step!

I arrive in the next city...finally. Man, this was a sight for sore eyes. First stop: The Pokemon Center to heal everyone up. Second stop: Misty's bathing shrine.

Bill...Clinton? Can it be? Is the former leader of the free world a Pokemaniac?

More's time to get a bike. Finally I'll be able to move faster! THE CROW FLIES STRAIGHT!

A PERFECT LIIIINE- ::record scratches::




Time for the second gym. This one is water-based, which means Pikachu finally reaches true usefulness here.

There are a couple of trainers to fight in here. Swimmer Down Now here is one who you actually want to avoid fighting if you intend to catch a Mew later. That's a whole other glitch, one that it's too late for me to do now.

Pidgey levels up super-fast. He'll be a Pidgeyotto soon enough. They...they grow up so fast!

Misty is the big boss here. She's flirtatious and cute. A far cry from the previous gym leader, who suplexed Ambrose over thirty times.

She prances around in short shorts, and later married CM Punk.

Mankey unleashes a Balrog-like punch! Misty's first Pokemon is a fairly easy opponent.

Her second and final one, though? Yeah, not so much. Starmie is weak against Pikachu's attacks, yet it's still the most challenging single Pokemon in the early-game. It's water/psychic and can one-shot nearly all of my 'mons with Bubble Beam...including my ringer, Pikachu.

Victory is a matter of zapping it, hoping Paralyze takes effect most turns, and REALLY hoping it does something besides spam Bubble Beam.

Took a couple tries, but when I won it was due to Starmie raising its defense over and over instead of attacking. Well, Pikachu rolled over that gym up until the last enemy...the last enemy was potent indeed. Beware the Starmie.

Something interesting happens at this point: Random NPCs give me starters. I don't remember this happening in Pokemon Blue, so chances are it's a new addition for Yellow (since you can't get these starters normally).

Good to have Bulbasaur along. In recent years he seems to have become widely-regarded as the worst starter, but I always thought he was useful. This would have been a huge boon against Misty.

Next up, an NPC gives me a Charmander. Nice, both of these are going on my team. At this point the team is overflowing with Pokemon that I like, so difficult choices are ahead. For now I'll stick with Pikachu, Mankey, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pidgey, and Rattata. The last one is fairly useless but I'm hoping I can turn him into a Raticate. He'll probably get replaced before that, though.

LASS is still my favorite Pokemon trainer.

This ain't the first time I've heard something like that.

 Rollins is back, and he wants a rematch. Finally, I can get revenge for before! He only brought four Pokemon to the fight, but they're a little stronger averaged-out than mine are.

He utilizes types that are strong against Pikachu. Not sure if that's because this is Pokemon Yellow or if it's just coincidence. Luckily, that Bulbasaur I just got is pretty good in these fights.

Finally, the big rematch with Eevee. This time things go my way. The score is now 1-1, Rollins!

It's funny you say that, given your name. Next time on Pokemon Yellow: I get a stern lecture from Gunnery Lt. Surge.


  1. Supreme!

    Not just their precious EXP, you only get money from the trainers. Wild pokemon are poors.

    Powering up Mankey isn't a bad idea, Primeape is excellent.

    Damn, a full Team Rocket smackdown. Pokemon Yellow doesn't play around.

    Electric vs Water is a game of mutually assured destruction!

    Holy crap, I didn't know they just threw the other starters at you in this game. You're going to dominate.

  2. Hey Jericho, I have a few questions about Lennus 2. Is there any way to contact you directly?

  3. Sure, send me an email at Not sure if I'll be any help, though: Haven't played Lennus 2 in three years.

  4. I think both Nidoran male and female can learn the "lowkick" move which utterly destroys Brock. That's pretty much the only way to pown him without overlevelling on Pokemon Yellow. could be wrong altough haven't played this in over 10 years