Friday, November 14, 2014

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals #6 - Jolly Carousers

 Today on Lufia II, there is much carousing. Jolly carousing. Featuring Dekar's Superdriver.

 We have a NEW WINNER for "old guy in a Japanese game who only talks about his oldness". This one is just...unbeatable.

Since Foomy transformed from Lovable Spooge Elemental to Creepy Fox, it's time for a new capsule monster. I decided to go with Blaze for now, since he's good offensively. Really, Foomy is the best of the lot...just don't upgrade him to M.

Blaze gets to his second form really fast, thanks to all the equipment I have laying around. At this point in the game you really don't want a tier-1 capsule monster on your team even for regular battles.

The next dungeon is very quick, as I find myself face-to-spiky-headed-jerk with Idura. Again. This guy won't go away!

 In this third battle with Idura, he breaks out a vicious new attack: Idura Thunder! Can our heroes possibly survive?

BREAKING NEWS: Our correspondents in the field have just sent in a report that Idura completely got his ass kicked, again. More on this story as it develops.

 Iris tells Dekar to smash a ball. This is almost as rife with symbolic meaning as that time Buffy smashed that glass ball to disempower that male wizard.

Since Idura is a complete piece of shit, he tries to trap our heroes with a wave of monsters while the temple collapses around us. Dekar stays to hold off the bad guys while our heroes escape.

 Dekar does indeed hold them off...and the temple collapses.

::24 Silent Clock::

 Our heroes take a moment to mourn the loss of their best fighter. ...sorry, Guy.

I picked this up in the dungeon... I like how it implies that only women can express their feelings freely... and also implies that those feelings consist of "fury".


Dude! That's Dekar's stuff! You can't just eat-


Now that Blaze has evolved to form three, a nefarious imp, it's time for a new name. Could it be...


 Our heroes journey into the desert to build up Satan's levels a bit. We lost Dekar, but we have gained the Prince of Darkness!

More Selan-equipment. I like how it totally unintentionally implies that she's the ol' ball and chain.

Lexis Shaia? Could this be the ancestor of Raile Shaia? And why do they both have such cool names?

 Unfortunately, Lexis won't really say anything at this point. I backtrack to the last town and talk to people until I find someone who sends me to go see Lexis. That should do it...

 Now he speaks! And...he has this sweet new invention called the "engine". No one believes it.

 He also has a machine that measures the amount of spiritual energy a person has... their aura's power level, if you will. Guy has five times the spiritual energy of the previous record-holder, which is impressive.

 But wait! Selan has even more spiritual energy! What does Maxim have?

[insert "Over Nine Thousand" joke here]

 We return to town to find a drunken blonde swaying about in the streets. Leefa needs some help, but first...

...time to feed Silk Togas to Satan! Much like Tight Dresses earlier, these things pretty reliably move the needle for capsule monster evolution.

 Now, he has ascended (descended?) from imp to red dragon. Switching him to M form turns him into a phoenix. Neither is very Satanic. It might be time to try another capsule monster.

This list was very helpful for figuring out which one to go with, since I care so much about how they look. If you're curious about seeing the evolved forms of the other CMs, check it out. Anyone who followed Shooter Week last week will be able to figure out which one I'm going to go with...

The next dungeon is a mountain, where I need to retrieve a flower to cure Leefa's drunkenness. It contains the next special Y button item, which lets one smash bombable walls and boulders from a distance.

This mountain contains vile little gnomes. They're no match for Satan's fire breath... but two wrongs doesn't make a right.

 I love these spots where you can hookshot across gaps. They remind me of... Secret of Mana, specifically the Sage's mountain.

 Here we go, my capsule monster of choice for the new age. Raddisher is a fearsome Pokemon.

 He has a potent Radish Kick... and basically no magic resistance. I'll make do.

As awesome as a radish Pokemon is, I got him for his evolved form. This one can't cut the mustard in battle, much like Syxx in the NWO., I'm full of wrestling references from last century.


Luckily, I've got plenty of Silk Togas on hand.

  The earth-element capsule monster's second form is a weird little man with a shield and knife. Red Cap, huh?

 I feed him more and he turns into a giant. These models kinda remind me of the original Ogre Battle for some reason.

I continue feeding him as he evolves to form four... and give him a new name.

 Yeah, of course I went for the Moai. After all that Gradius, how could I not? He's Rusev because his strongest move is CRUSH.

I got lost in this mountain for a bit towards the end because I didn't see these little arrows on the ground. They're easy to miss, and indicate that you can jump down if you're so inclined.

 The boss here is a giant flower of death. No word on if Tuxedo Mask is far behind.

Man, how SWEET is that Moai?

All of that for a pretty flower. Not just any pretty flower, though... a very rare one that might not exist anywhere outside this mountain.

Leefa is going to plant it all over the place. Selan names it a Priphea. A century later, it'd be everywhere, bringing happiness to kids the world over.

A millennium would cover the planet entirely, consuming every new life form that attempted to evolve onto land. A blue flower of death, our future strangled within its vines.

While we were climbing mountains and helping the aptly-named Leefa out, Lexis Shaia was building a newfangled boat for us. That's right, we now have BOAT POWER. He himself joins us, as well, in an ill-fated attempt to fill Dekar's shoes. Of course, he can't, and as a result he may well live in infamy as Lufia II's weak link.

Lexis attacks with a pair of pliers. This game just got dark...

This is awesome! Now that we've got a boat, the world is open to exploration. Hopefully there are no enemy encounters while on the-


At this point I need to forge a new ruby thingamabob for the kingdom of Dankirk, which has fallen on hard times.

 ...Is she talking about giving him a blowie?

To the relief of everyone around him, Professor Tomoe's piler weapon immediately gets replaced by a Superdriver in the next town. Fun Fact: "Superdriver" is also what women call Dekar's penis.

It doubles as the bathroom. Welcome to Dankirk, where the budget isn't really up to snuff.

The royals ("Lorde Lorde Lorde!") recognize the ruby thingamabob as a fake after the queen licks it and doesn't taste the hate and suffering of the real Ruby Idol. With that, we're off to... guessed it, the next dungeon. More on this later. I'll likely be summing up quite a bit from here on out in an effort to get through this lategame lull that I'm experiencing and get to the excellent endgame sooner.

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  1. Heh, I was hoping for a Church Lady joke.


    I always wished Dekar would have been around for that power level reader.

    I can totally see that Ogre Battle look.

    It's between Lexis and Tia who's the game's weakest, but Lexis can attack groups of enemies at least.

  2. Does the Moai shoot laser bubbles? :D
    Also what do you consider the difference between "lategame" and "endgame"? I use them interchangeably...mostly because I had never heard of the term "lategame" before and just use endgame for stuff usually around, during or after the final dungeon or two.

    1. For me it goes:
      Early game - The first third or so
      Midgame - The middle third
      Lategame - The last third or so, up to the final area
      Endgame - The final area(s) / bosses
      Postgame - Anything "above" the endgame

      So lategame is nearing the end, but not the finale.

  3. Another post I've read a few times now. I guess this old guy has...gone now. RIP.

    The power scale is always fun to come back to. It reminds me of the DBZ power scale for the Buu arc tournament.

    Foomy is the best, too bad we couldn't finish off with him but life just happens sometimes. You did try out a partnership with Satan and live to tell the tale.

    Having a Moai here is AWESOME following Shooter Week.

    I loved this Priphea-naming arc.

    "A millennium would cover the planet entirely, consuming every new life form that attempted to evolve onto land. A blue flower of death, our future strangled within its vines."