Saturday, October 5, 2013

Highlander: The Series 1x11 - See No Evil

Time for THE WORST episode of Highlander. But you know what? It's still better than The Source.

Behold! 80's hair lady! She's a friend of Tessa's. We've never seen her before and we never see her again after this episode, if I remember correctly. I feel like a lot of these early episodes were filmed in the 80's, even though they aired in 1993. It doesn't jump into then-modernity until later in season one.

She gets attacked by NAZI BOOT GUY. Who is this nefarious villain?

...he's a serial killer who wears goggles. He also sports pantaloons. I shall call him... Boot.

Before BOOT can hurt 80's hair lady, Duncan arrives and chases him through an empty arena. That or a Ring of Honor show. HEYO!

Good thing Duncan happened to be stopping by. What are the odds?

After a chase that went on for 38 minutes...

...the cops show up, and the media too. There's the Sassy Female Reporter, who desperately needs to be made love to. Why is this not happening?

In the one interesting scene from this episode, Duncan flashbacks to The Scalper. He was a murderous, Jack the Ripper type immortal who would scalp unsuspecting young women. He kinda looks like Hannibal Lecter here.

Duncan battles him on a stage. Not sure why this scene is grayscaled, but it's a cool effect.

....annnnd Duncan wins. With that, the episode immediately ceases to be interesting. It could have been good if The Scalper were still around in the present, but instead we get Boot. That creepy little goggle-wearing bastard in the present is apparently copying this famous killer, and ONLY DUNCAN CAN STOP HIM. It's like a parody of a regular episode. Luckily, Boot is mortal, so this shouldn't be too difficult.

We get a bit of Tessa fanservice, then...


Actually, without the goggles, he's pretty normal-looking. Maybe he should just, you know, not wear them.

He worships The Scalper. Has a shrine to him and everything.

We get some POV shots from the killer's perspective, and...get this... he sees in grainy low-framerate!

He's like a super-inefficient version of The Predator!

Stuff happens, and Richie chases down the killer on a motorbike. XTREME!

Unfortunately, Boot has mad motorcycle skills, and escapes. Yeah, he escapes from Xtreme Sports Richie. This may not be so easy after all!

Our heroes continue to chase the bad guy, as they always catch him right when he's about to commit a crime. He then scampers away while they fail to give chase.

Richie is putting his street thug skills to use, slitting the guy's tires, when the killer returns. They have an alleyway brawl, and...

...Tessa suddenly RUNS HIM OVER with Duncan's car. This scene was complete with an exxagerated, hokey "NOOOOOO!!!" from the guy.

Richie's horror upon realizing how bad this episode is.

You're a murderer, Tessa! You're a gorram MURDERER!

Our heroes look on as the killer rolls around in the rain, going "HELP MEEEE"

Duncan is all "you did fine". Maybe call an ambulance for the guy, killer or not? What the hell, people!

Tessa is fairly traumatized from having to hurt someone, unsurprisingly. At least this episode had one particular ramification for a character, as Tessa continues to get disillusioned with being the girlfriend of a crime fighter.

The high point of the episode. This one features a creepy-ass mortal villain, a crime-related plot, and some very hokey moments. Yeah, it's probably the worst episode. There are other contenders, like Eye for an Eye, Eyewitness, and Deadly Medicine, but I think this one edges the rest out.

...wait a minute. Deadly Medicine aside, what's up with this show having bad episodes that have titles pertaining to sight?

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