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Highlander: The Series 1x12 - Eyewitness

The last episode of season 1's first half, which might as well be a different show from the second half. This is it, the big conclusion to Highlander: Cop Show.

We begin with Richie trying to parallel park. Hilarity ensues!

He finally settles on this parking arrangement. What the hell, Richie? And when did he get so rich-looking, anyway? Did he get all that new money by conning cute young women into buying lemon cars? Damn you, Richie! Damn you!

He shows us a way to con the system: Put an "out of order" post-it on a parking meter, and you can park there for free! I feel like this wouldn't work in real life, but...perhaps.

Meanwhile, a pantless Tessa is having an art exhibit, though you could have fooled me because it looks more like a Leg Exhibit.

Young Richie goes to Tess for advice on talking to girls.

My advice? Just say hello and show interest.

Richie then, in turn, puts her advice to work by macking on a random art show guest. Richie's current job on this show is to mack on all the random ladies that Duncan can't mack on because he's taken.'s a fun job.

All is not well though, as Tessa catches a glimpse of what may or may not be a dude throwing a woman off a bridge. What is with all the crime in this city? I'd hate to live there.

One good thing about this episode is the background music. It has some really good BGM during some of the establishing shots. Sounds like the Land of the Ancients theme from FF7.

Police arrive, and Tessa has to talk to them for the billionth time. This guy is thin, so he's a poor replacement for Blackalicious.

Tess spends a while investigating the murder. So basically, this is See No Evil 2: The Reckoning. It's a much better episode than See No Evil, at least, but it isn't terribly good.

Duncan is visited by... another immortal? The heck? How nice of the bad guys to just show up all the time without Duncan having to find them.

He looks like Sean Penn, and he sucks at fighting. Duncan breaks his sword, and he runs away.

Highlander: The Series has no shortage of really weak villains. If Duncan is never seriously threatened, where's the tension? ...well, he does get seriously threatened a good half dozen times. Out of over a hundred episodes. Yep.

Actually, the next episode will have something to say about that...

Just to complete the season one-yness of this episode, the Sassy Female Reporter is here. And she still isn't being made love to! Someone at least needs to give her a firm spanking! Come on, anything!

Do her legs have to dress up like a Saudi prince's ass and go to a Bush family dinner in order to get kissed?

Meanwhile, back at the station! It turns out that the immortal who attacked Duncan was there to get Tess. Because he's the murderer that she saw... and he's the POLICE CHIEF.


In the light, he looks less like Sean Penn and more like Dick Tracy.

Our heroes drive around and do more sleuthing. It's really fitting that the half season of Cop Show would conclude with Duncan battling the Police Chief, who was an evil immortal all along. Wait a minute, why didn't Duncan ever sense him during any of his hundred trips to police stations thusfar? I guess this guy was hanging out at the one police station Duncan didn't have a membership card at.

By the way, props to this series for primarily filming in the fall. Red leaves on the ground everywhere? Awesome.

The chief tries to gun down Tessa, but Duncan senses him just in time to push her out of the way.

Duncan was shot, though. It may come as a surprise, but he'll be fine.

This just in: The Chief is an asshole!

Another establishing shot with the cool music. I'm not sure where this is, but I suspect it's Vancouver.

The police transport Tessa to a safehouse, where even Duncan won't know where she is. None of them realize that the villain is actually THE POLICE CHIEF.

Richie distracts the motorcade from their real pursuer: Duncan, who won't let Tessa out of his sight.

The chief plants a bomb at the safehouse... but Duncan is nearby and finds it, because Duncan is like the result of a Navy Seal doing the fusion dance with God.

He gets Tessa and the cops out just in time as the house explodes.


The chief is displeased at Duncan's intervention. He probably could have gotten away with his crime if he hadn't put himself out there repeatedly messing with a fellow immortal's girlfriend.


Just like that, the chief challenges Duncan to a showdown. He's going to remove this problem once and for all. ...except Duncan owned him last time. Is he crazy?

His crooked plan entailed keeping an eye out for other immortals via the police department, as well as covering up his killings of them. And it was as simple as spending decades studying to be a police officer and working his way up through the ranks!

They battle, of course. Nice lighting here in the background.

Whoa, check out the Epcot Center looking globe back there. Now we know why the establishing shots kept showing this place earlier.

The chief is pretty damn weak, and Duncan easily mops the floor with him. At least the lighting is consistently awesome here.

And he wins. Take that, you Tessa-shooting-at son of a bitch!

Quickening. This is one of the shots from the intro of the show, at least for a while.

Of course, with everything solved, these two do what they do best.

"I'MMA PUT A LANNISTER IN YA" he says when reached for comment.

Boring episode with yet another super-weak villain, but it wasn't too bad and it had those cool moments of Miami Vice esque "panoramic music". It was a lot better than the previous episode.

::makes basketball shot motion::


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  1. Richie: "This show went way downhill after season 1"