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Highlander: The Series 1x04 - Innocent Man

I continue the show's weird first season with some small town blues, as Duncan battles an evil sheriff.

We see a feller pushing a cart on the side of the road. Is this the "innocent man" in question?

He's a 'Nam vet, and he gets harassed by punk kids as he walks. Damn punk kids!

Duncan and Tessa are on their way to see an old friend of his, Lucas, who lives in the mountains. However, since he's Duncan's friend, there's a high probability that he's going to be dead at any moment.

The homeless guy keeps hearing voices telling him to patrol, and ends up finding the cabin of the guy Duncan is on his way to see. There's a quickening going off there, so sure 'nuff, the mysterious Lucas is already dead. That HAS to be a record for a friend of Duncan keeling over.

Duncan senses the death of his friend and doubles over in pain. This is an immortal ability that they just sorta...dropped after this episode, as far as I can remember.

The veteran goes in to investigate, and finds a headless corpse. He also finds...

...a nefarious sheriff.

"Looks like you're guilty as hell to me, 'son" says the sheriff.

Duncan (having gone home after sensing his friend was no more) hears that the police got the guy who did it. He's gotta see this guy, so he heads out. Richie gets to drive, so he's moving up in the world.

Tess gets all angry that Duncan is taking Richie and not her. LOOK LADY! WE NEED OUR MAN TIME!

Useless Season One Character Alert! Since this season is a cop show and since no cop show is complete without a Sassy Female Reporter, here she is.

She is ON THE SCENE~! every time something happens and By God she's skeptical of that suspicious Macleod guy!

She's cute, at least. And like five feet tall, with stilts on.

Here's the small town Sheriff, looking oddly like Odo from Deep Space Nine. He's talking to...

...Blackalicious, who has traveled up from the city to investigate this crime because they didn't have enough extra detective actors to have a different one in this episode.

It's a ROAD TRIP~! as Duncan and Richie blare "Low Rider" and slowly cruise down the street looking for babes. It doesn't work well because they're in the middle of the woods.

"Didya hear? Some douchebag on the internet keeps calling me 'Creepy Richie'. I'm gonna find that guy and rough 'em up, capiche?"

Blackalicious interrogates the vet about the murder/beheading. "You think you're back in 'Nam, collecting trophies?"

Ultimately, he realizes that this guy probably isn't the killer. Why? Because he was in 'Nam too.

Meanwhile, Duncan hatches a plot to get Richie arrested, then bail him out of prison. That way he can get into the jail area during the bail-out and find out whether the imprisoned "killer" is an immortal or not via buzz. Wouldn't it be easier to just walk the perimeter and see if he sensed anything? Did he really have to get Richie incarcerated? Man, this season is weird. Then again, I guess Richie is in jail so much that this is basically any other Tuesday.

Flashback to an unknown point in time, as flashbacks still don't have a year tag. Duncan is digging ditches and one of his Native American compatriots dies from exhaustion. It's weird to see Duncan in awful situations like this, since the guy we know in the present is such a badass who has his life in order.

A bunch of assholes with whips are all "shut up an' dig!"

But wait! Here's Lucas, the noble immortal. So we get to see him after all. He helps Duncan out and gets water for the slave-folk. So he's a good guy... or was.

Back in the present, Duncan talks to the "killer" and realizes he's anything but. And a mortal, to boot.

Duncan hears about The Sheriff, and figures he'd be the next person to scope out.

...unfortunately, The Sheriff resides in what is evidently a very red state. Idaho? They love them some potatoes.

Our heroes stop at a local bar. But like all bars, this one has rugged guys who don't take kindly to people comin' in and sittin' down.

One guy throws a punch and gets his arm twisted for his trouble. The other Rugged Guys then back off and nod respectfully. Apparently, bars are just like prison.

Meanwhile in the useless character department, stuff happens with Blackalicious and Sassy Female Reporter.

Blackalicious talks to The Sheriff, saying that the homeless vet is innocent. He then launches into an awesome rhyme!

Don't let money chaaange ya!

Flashback, as we see Duncan get hanged. There are a number of episodes with flashbacks where he's about to be executed, and he always tries his best to get hanged. Since that's one thing has no effect on him.

This is what happens when you oppose The White Man, because they were all dicks. In any case, Lucas shows up after and cuts him down.

Even though Duncan is weak and easy prey for another immortal, Lucas has no intention of hurting him.

Apparently Duncan was caught freeing slaves, something Lucas is on board with. And that's how they became friends.

Back in the present, our heroes finally leave the bar. Outside, they run into... RUGGED TOWNSPEOPLE.

They don't take kindly to outsiders pokin' around, 'cause they might be 'terrists.

Just then, The Sheriff pulls up. He and Duncan sense each other, and now Duncan has found Lucas' real killer.

The Sheriff is a creepy bastard. He never stops smiling. He sends all the ruffians on their way, then quietly tells Duncan that Lucas died on his knees.

"We'll see how you do" says Duncan after a long, dramatic pause. Well, The Sheriff is completely fucked.

Meanwhile, Young Richie goes and talks to...

...the Sassy Female Reporter, who will not rest until she solves this mystery. I think someone needs to bed this woman, stat. The sexual frustration is palpable.

When transporting the innocent man to safety, Blackalicious gets cornered by ruffians with hoods. The KKK? Man, they need to get out of this town.

Duncan arrives and saves the day. You know, Blackalicious may belong in the "useless character" category, but he's the king of the useless characters. Cool guy.

Blackalicious is all "we'll get you some help, buddy" as he drives the hell out of Idaho.

Duncan shows up at Lucas' old cabin, and who is here but The Sheriff. Lucky break, huh?

"I had to set someone else up as the killer. You see, people in small towns need to know who is responsible when something bad happens. If you don't tell them who to hate, they pick at it, like a scab."

They battle it out. Good thing guns are "against the rules" for most immortals, because otherwise guys like this could just shoot Duncan and behead him while he's stunned. Why are they against the rules? Because...


Duncan wins, and The Sheriff begs for mercy. Duncan isn't having it. and The Sheriff dies on his knees. Well, what goes around comes around, I suppose.


"You are one with all thingsh, Highlanda!"

...and the cabin explodes. Well, hopefully Lucas wasn't still hanging out there in the afterlife or anything...

Back at home, Duncan gets a visit from the vet. Since Duncan buys and sells antiques, the guy wants to know ho much he can get for... of these. Since this isn't the 2004 Republican National Convention, Duncan looks at the medal with respect.

Duncan "buys" it from him. While counting the money, Duncan quietly keeps counting and gives the guy a lot. Then when the vet turns his back, Duncan gives the medal back.

Kind of a mundane episode, but the last few minutes were really good.

A bit more information on the immortals in question, and...

...that wraps it up for this installment. The cool thing about watching these on DVD as opposed to Netflix is the abundance of extra information.

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  1. " of these. Since this isn't the 2004 Republican National Convention, Duncan looks at the medal with respect."

    Siiiiiiiiiiiiick burn.