Sunday, July 14, 2013

Highlander: The Series 1x06 - Bad Day in Building A

Highlander Season 1 rolls on with the infamous Die Hard episode. There's no evil immortal in this episode, and it, again, isn't that great. Plus, it lacks Bruce Willis.

What's with the title? Building A? Is there a Building B?

We start with Duncan getting a parking ticket. Apparently they have over a hundred of those.

Nefarious painter crew. This is such a Die Hard ripoff that I'm shocked no one got sued.

We see the janitor of the courthouse with his kid. This is important for later.

The completely mortal villain for this episode is Slade. That's the guy on the right. The small man on the left is just his lawyer. Slade is a fiendish criminal, we're told.

Judge: "This man was found guilty of one of the most heinous crimes of the 20th century."

What were his crimes? We never find out. Just make it up yourself for maximum entertainment.

The painters of DOOM shoot the cops that are escorting Slade out, and then they take over the building. Well, that was easy.

Fun Fact: This actor actually did portray an immortal in a much later episode. He looks completely different in that episode, and isn't intended to be the same character. Too bad, they missed an opportunity to have this guy be a pre-immortal.

What does this have to do with Duncan? Well, it seems Tessa and Richie were inside of the courthouse when it got taken over. Probably there to contest the parking tickets from the beginning of the episode. Duncan hears gunshots and BOLTS for the place.

Really Nice Janitor Guy gets taken hostage along with Tessa and Richie.

Slade is all "HEE HEE" when he sees Tessa. Well, not really. He's a psychopath, but he's a bit gentlemanly at the same time.

Duncan's car gets another parking ticket as he leaves it outside the courthouse. Is this going to be a running gag?

Old Guy to Tessa: "I'm here because I'm a con artist. I tried my hand at fencing for a while, but you fall in with a bad bunch of people that way." HAR HAR

The police arrive and try to negotiate with Slade. They should have gone full Die Hard and had Blackalicious talk to Duncan via walkie talkie.

Inside, Duncan gets captured. Turns out that Slade and his five goons are all ex-special forces badasses.

The janitor is all "my little girl is on this floor somewhere" and Duncan is pissed-off at the whole situation in general.

Slade decides to execute Duncan to make a point to the police. Little does he know...

They shot him in the head. That HAD to hurt.

Duncan revives and goes into full Die Hard mode, stalking about the building and picking off bad guys.

...until he finds THE KID. Zany hijinx ensue, as he has to smuggle her to the bathroom so she can...uh...go.

In the deadliest use of a glory hole ever, Duncan IMPALES A GUY with a fireplace poker. Duncan looks especially pissed here because minutes earlier, this guy made fun of him right before Slade shot him in the head.

In between killing people, Duncan sneaks around with the kid as he looks for places to stash her. This is different from Die Hard, at least.

Meanwhile... the bad guys are wondering who has been picking them off. Richie tells them that there's a cannibal who kills people with a sword and eats them, and he was on trial in the building. Now...he's loose.

Finally, we reach the climactic conclusion, as Slade (w/ hostage Tessa) finds Duncan relaxing in an office. How the hell is he alive?

Duncan challenges Slade to an honorable duel between soldiers, and Slade accepts. Duncan then wins the fight in about two seconds.

Duncan disguises himself and sneaks out along with the hostages. For being a complete take-off of Die Hard, this episode actually wasn't too bad. I'll give it a nod of approval.

The five foot tall sassy reporter sees Duncan on the scene, and wonders why he keeps showing up everywhere that she looks.

I think she just needs to be made love to, badly. Get to work, Richie.

The episode ends with Duncan alone and pissed-off, like a lot of episodes do.

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  1. Not quite as good as the TNG Die Hard episode, but it's nice to see Duncan own a group of bad guys sometimes.

  2. Oh my gosh, the quintessential cop show episode and yet it is surprising good and memorable, hee. Good job!