Monday, June 25, 2012

Paladin's Quest, Part 8: Back in Time

...of the penis.

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In The Past, Kormu and Sophie have a lot to say. It seems they taught the people of Lennus a lot of stuff. They are, effectively, gods. Where did they come from? FIND OUT...IN LENNUS 2. Maybe. Coming soon to this blog.

Gabnid is the ancestor of Zaygos, for those who are just joining us.

That bastard!

I already have those, ya hooligan!

Sophie is like, Midia's ancestor, while Kormu is like, Chezni's ancestor.

With that, our heroes are off to THE BIGGEST CITY EVER to stop Gabnid. I guess the only way to stop Zaygos in the present is to take out his ancestor, eh?

Note that Nails is in dire straits.

It sure is. Good God. This place doesn't exist in the present.

The second Giga Bottle. This one is even easier to miss than the other, and there's no way to come back and get it once you leave this area. Ouch.

The hell is that supposed to mean? Fook off!

Also, Sophie is super depressed because Kormu won't notice her in sociology class. Come on translators, be consistent.

Wait a minute... is Grantsurk the same location as the first town in the game? It looks like it. The place really shrunk over 10,000 years, that's for sure.

Our heroes climb the tower on the north side of town. As this happens, I flashback....

...yep, this same place was in the intro of the game. REMEMBER DUKE! BY JOVE, REMEMBER HIM!

At the top, our heroes corner Gabnid. Time to pay the piper, fella!

Gabnid thinks that Kormu stole Sophie, even though Sophie was never into Gabnid to begin with. What a dumbass.

In other news, Uncle Zaygos wants YOU.

With that, Gabnid summons a dragon. Wait a minute... I recognize this dragon. It's the one pinned down by Kormu's Sword in the present.


Gabnid~! is all up in our zone. This is one of the tougher fights in the game. He is essentially a scaled-down version of Zaygos, with weaker variations of the same attacks.


...and then unleashes hell.

The worst part is, he has Zaygos' most powerful attack... the rapid ring-blast cannon. This thing decimates our heroes. It isn't as powerful as the one the final boss has, but it's definitely worse than anything faced up to now.

Our heroes emerge victorious, but at what cost? AT WHAT COST?

Gabnid rants and raves before keeling over. Unfortunately, no amount of ranting will bring back Nails. He fought well and died.

Wait a minute, I see what's going on...

DAMN! Wait, what good is Kormu then? Chezni just did his crowning accomplishment for him, grounding Strabo.


Strabo takes his defeat pretty well, politely inquiring about our heroes perhaps killing him off instead of being all "KILL ME NOW, BY GOD! WHAT IS A DRAGON WITHOUT FLIGHT?"

Course, the rat bastards spare him, so he gets to be pinned to the ground for 10,000 years.

Kormu laments the loss of his former friend Gabnid... as he continues to do nothing in this timeline.

Kormu catches on quick, and may be able to be of assistance after all.

The ultimate magic? That sounds rad to the max! I feel like the world "ultimate" has really fallen off in the past decade.

Doth, the evil immortal~! We'll see how immortal he is.

...yeah, he's pretty immortal. This is a puzzle in every sense, as you must avoid the boss. It takes a lot of effort to figure out.

Behold, the maze. It isn't as bad as it looks.
After the puzzle, there is a QUIZ OF DOOM.

Our hero reaches the center of the maze, cornered by Doth.

Chezni becomes conscious of the Spirit Bomb at this point, and that's the only way to win this fight.

BOOM! Chezni lets loose with the bomb, and that's all she wrote.

Fight over, dust your shoulders off.

Ordeal? That's a bit of a stretch. In any case, armed with the most powerful attack in the game, our heroes are ready to return to the present.

They hop back into the ship, and off they go. Next stop: the final boss.

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  1. New thing for heroes to worry about: people from the future coming back in time and taking their heat.

    1. And another thing, it's cool that the biggest city you ever see is in the past...there were Greek and Roman Empire cities with 500,000 or 1 million people, a number which would seem totally absurd in Europe until Western Civ's comeback during the Industrial Revolution.

  2. Funny fact : The best buyable equipment in the game is in the past. The other best place to buy equipment is the first city you reach in Saskuot, once you get the airship you can go back and they are no longer racist and sell you their awesome stuff... That is a little weaker than the things you can buy in the past lol...