Monday, February 13, 2012

The 212

Following on the heels of my last post, here are some more shots of Manhattan. I took all of these, and hopefully they're enjoyed.

Flags loom everywhere

The "world's most famous arena", now remodeled

Times Square is a place people either love or hate. I think it's pretty awesome

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. I wonder what the story is here. Did Forrest Gump get the name from this place, or was it the other way around?

Times Square bustles with activity even at 5 AM.

Spotlights shine down (ominously?) from the city's second-tallest building, the Bank of America Tower.

The iconic Chrysler Building at night. I wish I had more shots of it

Bryant Park has a rad contrast of park grounds surrounded by towers. ...I could swear I remember this place from Ghostbusters

The iconic Empire State Building is silhouetted by the dawn-light

If you find yourself in Manhattan and needing pizza, look no further than Two Bros

The tall, thin structure of One Madison Park is one of the weirdest towers I've ever seen

A church on the Lower East Side

The Woolworth Building, seen in the center distance here, was the tallest building in the world for several decades last century

Jersey City is visible from Lower Manhattan. As this shot was taken in the morning, no one in Jersey City was awake yet

Near the old WTC grounds one can find the Financial District

The final battle of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty took place on the roof of this building

Sunlight beams down outside of Wall Street

At times, the place is almost cavernous

This fountain is located near the waterfront, and has a somewhat mystical quality about it

A view of Brooklyn from Manhattan


The pier, which is mostly a tourist trap... yet still cool to walk around

The nefarious Shark Boat

Lower Manhattan from near Staten Island

Midtown from the west

It's hard to get a clear picture of just how big the place is. Here's the whole island from the south. Midtown is visible on the left. It stretches on and on for almost as far as you can see

Statue of Liberty, doesn't get much more iconic than this

Thinking about renting a billboard in Times Square? Diddy already did it

Anyone who watches late-night programming on NBC (or really, any programming on NBC) probably recognizes this

A great doorframe

The statue of Prometheus that overlooks the world-famous skating rink at Rockefeller Plaza

30 Rockefeller Center, home to many TV shows including the nefarious 30 Rock. The best thing about this building, however, is the observation deck at the top

Saint Patrick's Cathedral, from the outside. This place is difficult to miss

Facing towards the altar


Saint Patrick's is awe-inspiring

The legendary statue of Atlas. He held the weight of the world on his shoulders, and it made him stronger

Grand Central Station, the train hub

The interior of the Chrysler Building. Unfortunately, going past the entrance isn't allowed any more, so this is all passerby can see of the art deco construction

Trump Tower... well, one of them. Honestly, Chicago has the best Trump Tower, but they're all inventive buildings

Horse-drawn carriages take people to where taxis can't go

Central Park is gigantic, and it's like stepping into another world entirely

The incomplete World Trade Center 1, seen here at about 50%

WTC 1 at night

Massive screens projected imagery as the firefighter's parade moved through

I didn't see The Best Musical of the Century, but I took in the memorial congregation at Times Square.

It was pretty awesome.

Hope you enjoyed this look at The 212.

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