Sunday, August 21, 2022

Dragonball Z: Kakarot Part 2 - Launch Intermission


"MY! NAME! IS! LAUUUUUUUUNCH!" ::smashes guitar::

With the Saiyan Saga over, I'm all ready to start the Namek Saga. I mean more than ready. No DBZ saga is more cut out to be an RPG than the Namek Saga.

Instead...the game has me running around doing fetch quests as Gohan for this chef.


Finally I get an actual mission: Go to Kame House. Pronounced "Kah-May", not "Came"

Namek time? No, of course not! Now I gotta fly around a huge city and find Launch! This city is actually pretty awesome, and I kinda wish the game used it more. Most people are gonna spend like 1 minute in this zone and it's an expansive place that could have a lot going on.

Launch is scrumptious, with her tiny shorts and her fiery temper.

She wants to make Tien fall in love with her. Well, that shouldn't be too difficult, with a midriff like that.

When she sneezes, she gets blue hair and becomes way nicer.

...and also EVEN HOTTER.

Wait a second...she was the first character in this series whose hair could change colors to blonde. Imagine, maybe there's an alternate universe where she is actually a Saiyan who goes Super when she gets mad. We'd live in a very different world if she'd been the main character of DBZ and just went Super Saiyan randomly.

Now I want to see this hypothetical show.

Launch is one of the few bipolar characters in shows. Maybe the only one, because I can't think of any. She's a pretty accurate representation.

Eat what? Launch?

That gets us Kuririn as a party member. His shiny bald head is good for reflecting sunlight and blinding our enemies.

Gohan takes a look in Roshi's fridge. All he has in here is beer! Gross! Gohan would much rather have a sports drink.

We get a quick bit of Dragonball memorabilia featuring a great outfit, as usual.

She was trying to avoid the police? I feel like there's a much more interesting story here that we're missing.

A HOOLIGAN? Well I never! Even though I think Blue Launch is the hottest Launch, I like Blonde Launch more. Like she's the one I'd want to hang out and have a sports drink with.

Here's Bulma. Her dad is working on an FTL spaceship for Gokou, but in the meantime...

...they have the ship King Piccolo used to arrive on Earth long ago, and it still works! This is very convenient.

Unfortunately, this is the end of the Launch segment of the game.

I would legitimately watch a Launch show where she has super powers and just kicks everyone's ass all the time.

"Hi! This is Gokou! Next time on Kakarot: We take on the evil Freezer! Brrr!"

Video Time: Here's Gokou vs Vegeta, the first full fight I saw in the series and probably my favorite. Most of the fights in this game are very similar, so once you've seen a few, you've seen the majority.

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