Thursday, August 30, 2018

Secret of Evermore: Balance Patch Playthrough

This one's all on video, and could potentially be an interesting companion piece to the post series on the game. For this playthrough I used the Balance Patch, which has both positive and negative changes to the gameplay...

Part 1: Intro Through Thraxx

Part 2: The Swamp and Salabog

Part 3: The Volcano and Magmar

Part 4: Nobilia and Vigor

Part 5: Halls of Collosia

Part 6: Pyramid

Part 7: The End of Antiqua

Part 8: Ivor Tower Through Chessboard

Part 9: Dark Forest Through Verminator

Part 10: Finishing Gothica

Part 11: The Airship and Coleoptera

Part 12: Odds and Ends

Part 13: Omnitopia

Part 14: Final Boss and Ending

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