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Highlander: The Series 2x01 - The Watchers

JOE DAWSON~!! has arrived.

They look on creepily, like cats do when you're having sex.

Duncan and Richie are in a bar. And if you know bars in shows like this, you know they always lead to a fight. Sure enough, a bunch of skinheads are ROCKING OUT to punk musik or something.

One of the skinheads is all "sup punk, you looking at something?"

I don't know why our heroes even go to bars at all.

With Duncan still reeling from the death of Darius, he's having a bad week. When they pick a fight with him, he's like "OH HO HO HO"

THE BRAWL BEGINS. Richie wisely stays back for the most part. No shame in that, Duncan doesn't have to worry about getting stabbed or shot.

Richie jumps in when Duncan is on the verge of beating the guy to death.

Tired of the drama in Europe, our heroes fly back to Seattle Seacouver. Land of Nintendo and Microsoft.

Nice shot of the Vancouver skyline. The fictional land of Seacouver is home to such luminary characters as Blackalicious and Sassy Female Reporter. Unfortunately, neither will ever be seen again.

Duncan cruises the streets in his convertible as nice music plays. It's a musical driving scene right out of Miami Vice.

Here's the first glimpse of Joe Dawson in the entire series. He's one of the main characters, and it's easy to forget later on that he wasn't even in Season 1.

Here's his Pokedex entry.

Duncan brings him a book from Darius' study, and it has the Watcher symbol in it. Mild mannered bookstore owner Joe Dawson would like to buy it, as they pretend they have no idea of each other's true nature.

In the end, Duncan doesn't really get anywhere with Joe here, and leaves to...

...get into a brawl with thugs in suits. After Duncan defeats the minions, Joe finally tells the truth about their secret society.

Joe: "For decades, we've watched you have sex."

Duncan: "You mean, the way cats do creepily?"

Joe: "Yeah. Just like that."

Joe explains that the Watchers are an organization that "observe and record, but never interfere" with the Immortals. He doesn't know anything about any evil watchers. Duncan is skeptical, thinking they're all bad, but Joe insists that Horton doesn't reflect the rest of them. Also there must be some mistake, Horton is a decent guy and a softball coach.

One thing is for sure, he's been watching Duncan for long enough to know that he can trust him, and that's important.

Here's Joe's searchable Immortal database. Kurgan wasn't that old, according to this. I could have sworn that according to most of the internet, Kurgan was considerably older than this. However this is the only official source we have, so...I don't know. Making him 600 instead of 3000 was probably part of "normalizing" Kurgan as just a much worse than average immortal.

We quickly learn that the Watchers are pretty inept, as...

-They spelled Connor wrong
-They spelled Ramirez wrong
-They spelled Iman Fasil wrong
-They spelled Sunda Kastagir wrong

Also, it seems like this thing just lists guys from the movie. Connor beat Fasil in the 80's while Kurgan beat Kastagir at around the same time. I guess Kurgan could have encountered both of them previously and had their battles end without winners.

Wonder who Stosch Basalok is/was. This is the sort of thing that can create mega-heat with viewers without any effort whatsoever, and they dropped the ball by not having Basalok in a later episode as a guy who survived or bested Kurgan.

"Connor, your kinsman, did us all a big favor by getting rid of him."

So the movie still exists in the show's canon, except that Connor and Kurgan weren't the last two Immortals. That works for me, because it's the only way we can have this show exist to begin with.

Dawson collects things that once belonged to Immortals. While this is a cool premise, it's hard to picture such a thing. Does he go to their homes after they die and scavenge like a vulture?

Now, Duncan must battle more thugs. This episode sure has a lot of fighting in it.

Horton ::evil music plays:: finally reappears. Dawson doesn't know that this is the guy who killed Darius. Not yet, anyway.

They go back a ways. Not only is Horton pure evil, he may or may not hear a hoo.

Later, the bastard kills his own son in law. How is this guy able to get away with being so despicable?

Joe finds out what Horton has been up to, and he's pissed.

Duncan shows up, and Horton shows his true colors. They all know that there's no way Horton is walking out of here if he pulls the trigger.

Duncan easily overpowers "The Viper" Randy Horton.

While Duncan has Horton at the point of his own gun, Horton's daughter runs in and begs him not to shoot.

As much as he wants Horton dead, he lets the man go. He did learn a lot from Darius after all, and mercy is part of that.

Horton then shoots Duncan in the back, and Duncan instinctively turns and impales him.

Very Gokou/Freeza ending here.

His daughter is all "WHY???"

He just said why... that was for Darius.

Horton could have lived had he just put aside his hate for ONE SECOND.

With Joe nowhere to be found, Duncan goes to check Joe's computer... but it's been erased.

Wonder why Horton's daughter isn't pressing charges. Come to think of it, how does this guy constantly get away with killing people? It's a trail of carnage! I wonder the same thing about Miami Vice. People get capped constantly on that show and no one ever sues Crockett or Tubbs.

Tess thinks the evil faction of Watchers will be back while Richie congratulates himself on a job well done in this episode. This one really made the Watchers look like evil folk even though the vast majority of them aren't. Incompetent, illiterate, and inept, sure. The three I's of being a Watcher.

Too much thug-battling for my liking, and too many flashbacks (which I skipped over in this recap). There wasn't much actual new episode here. Is Horton really gone? Find out, in Season 2 of HIGHLANDA.

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  1. I'll taking Swelling With Pride Richie over Creepy Richie any day.