Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse (Super NES, 1992)

 Here's an old Super NES game that I'd like to highlight a bit. It's a surprisingly great game, and it's enjoyable in the Kirby's Dream Land sense: Short, easy, and fun. And really, I'm just glad to be playing something colorful and happy after playing The Last of Us.

It's worth noting that Capcom made this game, which might explain it being so good.

It also graced the cover of Nintendo Power once, so you know it's a good game.

It also later got a relatively-unnoticed sequel on the SNES, which uses the same graphics engine.

On to the game itself. You play as Mickey Mouse, which is a little bit surreal. He seems very happy, but I feel like he's going to go off at any moment, capping people left and right. Which would make him very American. ...see what playing dark, unhappy games has done to me?

The first boss is a... a... ::peer::

Ya know, I have no idea what that thing is. In any case, it's almost as easy as Whispy Woods. Mickey Mouse fells it quickly by jumping on its head, the go-to offensive move in platformers of the era.

 I'd recommend playing the first two stages of this game to anyone; they're before it gets "difficult" and the second stage is pretty rad.

The second stage has Mickey in a wizard outfit, complete with a sweet turban. It lets you fire magic, and you can charge it up Mega Man style. It's great. Definitely my favorite of the various powers in the game. It's also the power that is most effective against bosses, meaning I got to use it quite a bit in the half hour I spent on this.

Another boss with an odd head. I'm told that it's the head of the nefarious PETE, Mickey Mouse's nemesis. Wait, Mickey Mouse has a nemesis?

 The third stage is an INFERNO MATCH. You get the Fireman costume here, which lets you fire a steady stream of water. It isn't anywhere near as powerful as a charged magic blast, which makes it better suited to regular foes than bosses. Remember how cool the different suits were in Super Mario Bros 3? This game also has some great suits, and you can switch between them at will. This is what attracted me to the game to begin with. Unfortunately, the game is so short and simple that you never really use your sweet powers to their full extent.

The next boss reminds me of that bastardly fireball boss in Super Mario Bros 2. This is a fun fight because you're blasting him with a hose. It's the Austin Beer Bash '98 all over again.

The next stage is probably the least interesting of the lot. Mickey's newest power is some sort of mountaineering suit with a grappling hook.

At the top is a nefarious eagle boss straight out of Link's Awakening. I have Miyamoto games on my mind today.

Annnnd next stage. This one is a particularly gorgeous ice level. The music here is particularly great.

Yet another PETE attacks here, as he busts out half-pipe skills that would make Tony Hawk proud.

The final stage of the game is PETE's castle. My go-to power for this stage? The magician.

Much of the final stage is a magic carpet ride. This isn't as relaxing as it sounds, because you're surrounded by spikes. It's the most difficult stage in the game, but by normal game standards it's still easy.

The final battle is with Generalissimo PETE. He takes time out of his busy schedule of sipping appletinis to do battle with our hero. It's a very easy fight, regardless.

Lay off, Donald! I have a hangover!

This game is pretty great, for being so short and easy. I give it a gold star, and had I played it as a kid I have no doubt it'd occupy a high position in my memory. This is an ideal "first SNES game", much like Kirby's Dream Land was for its own system.

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  1. That third boss is EATING FIRE!

  2. "You play as Mickey Mouse, which is a little bit surreal. He seems very happy, but I feel like he's going to go off at any moment, capping people left and right."
    Smiles frozen in place do give that effect.

    They got to do a lot more lushness with these graphics than they could during Aladdin.

    "Ya know, I have no idea what that thing is." I remember this boss, and the way his segments glowed when you jumped on his head!

    The magic suit IS great and powerful. I enjoyed freezing stuff with the fireman suit, too, though!

    "I'm told that it's the head of the nefarious PETE, Mickey Mouse's nemesis." ::Looks at the camera:: PETE.

    I -did- play this when I was young, and I enjoyed it a lot. Beautiful look and music, and while it had challenges, it wasn't too demanding. It's a great idea to recommend it as a first game.