Monday, September 24, 2012

Batman Returns (Super NES, 1993)

This was, hands-down, the best Batman game ever made before the Arkham games started coming along in the past couple of years. In other words, this was the best Batman game in existence until the late 00's.

It's a Final Fight style beat-em-up, and you spend the entire game punching clowns. "Fuckin' punches, how do they work?" said ICP when reached for comment.

 As this is based on the movie of the same name, it features Keaton Batman. Personally, I think he was the best of the modern Batmen, edging out Bale and far outpacing Kilmer and Clooney.

Not only can Batman punch, he can also jump kick!

 Cutscene shows Catwoman apparently breaking up with The Penguin. Unlike the recent Dark Knight Rises, in this movie Catwoman was a villain. Sort of.

Catwoman is the most difficult boss in the game, and you fight her not once but twice.

The second go is even rougher, as you have to fight Penguin right afterwards.

I was going to say something about Hathaway's Catwoman being sexier, then I see this. Grr, very grr.

The first of the two fights with The Penguin. This is a difficult fight until you realize that it's the one time in the game when ducking is actually useful.

Stage 5 is a mode-7 Batmobile level. It's cool, but extremely easy. Most of the enemies fly by without doing anything to you. It's about as difficult as the motorcycle chase minigame in FF7, which means it isn't difficult at all. I like that the boss is a "Campain Van" though. Whatever that means.

Stage six has Batman running into The Organ Grinder. Not sure what this guy's deal is, but he's quite powerful and has an endless procession of clowns running in to help him.

The final stage transpires in Antarctica as an army of helmet-wearing penguins look on creepily.

Speaking of creepy, the first phase of the final battle is the Duck Tank. This is like something out of a twisted version of a Mega Man game.

Final boss. The Penguin is definitely the most difficult fight in the game, and I barely scraped past him. Somehow, Danny Devito here is far faster and more manueverable than Batman. Did he shoot up with PCP before the fight?

Won, and that's all she wrote. Really good game. The Penguin would go on to be rebuilt as Chill Penguin in 20XX.

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