Saturday, September 3, 2022

Dragonball Z: Kakarot Part 7 - Launch Intermission 2: Doc Brown's Mr. Fusion


Oolong: "So then I just started blastin"

Gohan's in high school now and you know what that means.


What I'm wondering is, what happened to that blonde girl who had a big crush on Gohan immediately and then like went on to do nothing in the series

We get a baseball minigame, but unfortunately there isn't really any filler on this part. This is one section of the game that could have used some filler, any reason to run around as Highschool Gohan and maybe fight crime.

In addition to chicas, there are now kidz running around.

Here we go, patrolling as Great Saiyaman. That city bears a striking resemblance to Kuala Lumpur.

I'm brimming with useless information

I wouldn't mind kissing Videl's butt.

...said Master Roshi when reached for comment. Gross, Roshi! Keep it to yourself!


Videl discovers Great Saiyaman's secret identity. Why do so many characters in this series have enormous foreheads? If you took away Videl's hair she'd look like one of those giant-brain grey aliens.

"I'd know that ass anywhere!" says Gohan.

Launch is banging on the doors to Capsule Corp for some reason.

Advice? Like...Tien advice?

Never fear, Great Saiyaman can help! He is an expert on Tien! From reading books because he certainly is not anyone you know, citizen!

Actually, it turns out that her farm is under attack by Saibamen. ...............Saibamen?

Gohan does a sick pose routine to demoralize the Saibamen.

"heeheeheehee" they say while dancing about like that little Irish elf Conor McGregor. Someone should throw that elf into the Potomac!

Yamcha: "Ixnay on telling hot women about that please"

I assure you, they caused him zero trouble

I just figured out why Blue Launch is so much hotter than Blonde Launch. She stands with her feet together, which causes her hips to pop more.

Launch is gonna open a restaurant. Just don't use any pepper on anything because of the sneezing.

Isn't this the plot of the movie Split?

It'd be crazy if Launch started having a third personality and it was this completely wacky, murderous redhead. ...which pretty much describes redheads in general.

Unfortunately, that's it for Launch.

It could be worse, she could have demanded that you be her man-servant and be available 24/7 to meet her needs.

Goten goes SSJ in his first training session...despite not even being able to fly yet.

Annnnnd SSJ is officially dead.

Videl is now into Gohan, because what other guy can teach her to fly? She'd be a maniac to pass this up.

That's very true.

At this point I learned that you can talk to Roshi at Kame House (pronounced kah-me, not came) to get rewards for your story progress. I'd never done this and it's late in the game, so...

...I get TONS OF STUFF. This is just one page out of like ten.

Setting up my heals for the final chapter of the game. Still doing everything I can to avoid using Senzu Beans.

Note: In retrospect, this was actually overkill on heals. Didn't need anywhere near this much, and didn't need to be stingy with the beans.

Man, all of this would be so much easier if our heroes were just like, known to the population. At this point they should be celebrities.

Time for the tournament. This one isn't much of a tournament because it gets completely scuppered in round 1.

One thing is for sure...this beady little Kaio-Shin guy really bothers me. He shows up here all cocky and "hee, all goes according to plan" while the bad guys trash Videl and drain Gohan's energy. He thinks he's in control of what's going on...but he isn't.

Skipping over some Sopovich BS and a generally uneventful few minutes of the game (it too brushes over all of that to get to the Majin Vegeta part). The rest of the Buu Saga is going to be fairly brief because the game kinda goes into sum-up mode at this point.

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