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The Rest of TMNT: Shredder's Revenge



We rejoin the game with April TV-shopping. All of these TVs have Foot Clan propaganda on them! It's like when you walk into a restaurant and all the TVs have mainstream news networks on them. Put on some sports or something.

Brooklyn has seen better days. WTF happened here?

"Judgment Day, man" says Young Kyle Reese.

Speaking of Terminators, here's Metalhead. He's...a metal turtle. For a long time I thought this guy was from the "Turtle Terminator" episode of the show, but he isn't. The Turtle Terminator was actually a cyborg disguised as Irma. Why isn't that thing in any of the games?

Next up is the Natural History Museum. It's pretty awesome that this place made it into the game. It's one of my favorite spots in NYC in real life.

Here's one of the villains from later in the series that I'm totally unfamiliar with. Captain Zorax, the Triceratops Terror. Of course he's hanging out in the dinosaur museum. He also showed up in Radical Rescue which was probably my least-favorite TMNT game.

Our heroes stumble upon a giant hole! Could it be...SATAN?

Nope, it's the lair of Baxter Stockman, who poses no threat because there's a pizza right here in his room. I never liked this guy in the show. He's clearly based on Jeff Goldblum's The Fly which is kinda cool, but he was in too many episodes and it was another instance of a non-Foot villain that I wasn't into.

He does control GIANT LASER BEAMS however.

Next the game takes us up to Central Park. Fun Fact: The best rendition of Central Park that I've seen in a game is in Spider Man: Miles Morales for the PS5. Place is absolutely stunning, between the PS5 light effects and the game taking place in winter.

Our heroes go through a portal to Dimension-X, and here's the Technodrome...but it's all destroyed. I think this confirms that the game is a sequel to Turtles in Time.

Dimension X looks like an evil version of the Kingdom of Zeal. What even is this place, and why is there a portal to it in NYC?

It's full of Stone Soldiers, who are much tougher than the Foot Clan. They kinda supplant the Foot as the main goon squad for a while, at least in the parts of the show that I saw.

General Tragg is Krang's #1 minion and probably a lot more competent than any of Shredder's goons.

However, he doesn't get to be the boss of his own stage. Nope, he has to be co-boss and share the heat with...

...Chrome Dome, who also totally steals all of Metalhead's heat. He's sort of like a metal version of Shredder.

The interesting thing about this fight is that he's totally impervious to damage for the most part, and you have to wait for him to drop his guard after a flurry of attacks.

The next stage is a rad flight level with meteors flying by while "A Whole New World" plays. Just kidding, that was Aladdin. Did I ever cover that?

Looks like I did, both the Genesis and SNES versions.

Here's Slash, maybe my favorite TMNT villain. He's just an evil version of a Ninja Turtle. What I didn't realize before is that he's only my favorite because of Turtles in Time. In the actual show they turned him into a moron who went around asking people "HAVE YOU SEEN MY BINKIE"

What even IS a binkie? WHAT IS IT DAMMIT?

He hurls giant boulders, and doesn't say anything about a damn binkie. Much better than the show version.

Shredder is ENRAGED that this crew is right on his doorstep.

This Shredder statue makes him look buffer than he actually is. The statue also skipped leg day.

Here we see Krang and a stone soldier fleeing for their lives while the escape theme from Spaceballs plays.

April becomes a MAGNIFICENT GOLDEN GOD and spams a hammer-spin.

Krang goes full Frankenstein, with his now-complete body breaking free of his assembly-table with a "RRRR"

He's got some new moves, like a giant ball n' chain. Joke about Krang's Wife here.

He doesn't get to be the final boss like he was in the Game Boy game. Krang being the final boss is an atrocity. Here, he isn't even the boss of his own stage.

Man, I'm really protective of Shredder being the Big Bad of TMNT.

Krang shakes his "fist" before zipping off. He is small and feeble, but I imagine he'll get a new battle body for the sequel.

...this game IS getting a sequel.

Next up is Shredder, who is prepared for Revenge.

This is a tremendous battle. Just occurred to me, wonder if Shao Khan's look was at least partially inspired by this guy.

He can split into a trio, but only one of them is actually damageable. Basically the Fool's Idol from Demon's Souls.

Welp, with Shredder defeated, the game's over. Great game. Wait, there's still more?

...what's this? The Lady? No, it couldn't be...

Damn, Krang already found a new body, and it's the Statue of Liberty! That bastard! YOU LEAVE LADY LIBERTY OUT OF THIS!

She's got punching gloves, but also...

...arm cannons!

And a mouth cannon! All things considered, it's a pretty easy fight compared to what you'd expect. This final stage consists of nothing except this fight, and...

...the next fight, which is of course Super Shredder. It doesn't get bigger than this guy in TMNT.

This fight transpires in Times Square. Notice how the clock says it's 3 AM.

Super Shredder is a beast, and the play here is to spam special attacks and taunts.

He's got an afterimage-charge, like all great fighting game villains.

Most of the fight is just him emitting waves of projectiles without really targeting you directly. He's also invulnerable until he tires himself out, like Chrome Dome.

With Super Shredder defeated yet again, the Statue of Liberty gets repaired by the finest French craftsmen, and all is well in the world. Check out the knobs on this 80's TV.

The Turtles are having a party, so April heads there on the world's luckiest motorcycle.

"I was crazy in the 70's, but now I can get crazy at any temperature!" says Splinter as a laugh track plays and we fade to black.

BUT WAIT! What's Casey Jones doing here?

After beating the game, you get him as a playable character. He's the strongest character in the game, with more stats and no weaknesses. His speed is only medium, but he has max range and power.

I plow the first stage with him and it's even easier. Here's your speed-run character. If I play through this whole game again some time, it'll be a Casey Jones Plow.

His taunt has him pointing his bat like Sting.

He also has a sick special attack that annihilates everything via Helicopter Clubs.

Here's Casey ROCKIN BEBOP'S FACE. Rad to the max!

Well, that'll do it. This game is awesome, the only bad part is that there isn't more of it. I could play ten of these.

*holds earpiece* I'm being told that I totally missed out on a Genesis-only TMNT game, Hyperstone Heist. I need to fix this.

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  1. Well the Kingdom of Zeal was already kind of evil. It's also like Outland in WoW.

    Yep, I loved this one, still need to play as Casey myself. Good job!