Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Demon's Souls Playthrough


Videos. Lots of videos. Also Vagrant Story music. I completely break the game by starting with 10 million souls. Don't worry, I finished the game normally a bunch of times in the past. I'm no cheater!

In part one, I do the intro area. I'm not delightfully overpowered yet.


Part 3: Shrine of Storms can be the roughest part of this game. Here, I take on the first half. Even Delightfully Overpowered, you still have to watch out.

Part 4: Rest of Shrine of Storms, some of Stonefang Mines

Part 5: In this one I splicey'd in some Vagrant Story tracks rather than doing a voiceover. Been thinking for ages that VS music would be perfect in a Souls series game and here it's proven. Will probably do more of these.


PS5 Version - All Trophies: Got the platinum in the PS5 version when it was still at a 0.4% acquisition rate. Can I get a Super-Platinum, Sony?

Part 6: The Valley of Defilement is a brutal zone, to say the least. Maybe the worst in the Souls series. Here, I take it on.

Part 7: Tower of Latria Walkthrough: Minimal edits, as I go through one of the more confusing areas in the game. This is a full-on AD&D-style area where I go at a slow pace and have to figure things out. There won't be any speedrunning here.


PS5 Version - All Bosses: Every boss in the remaster, in rough world number order. This looks GOOD.

Part 8: In this one I go through Stage 3-2 (Latria) and, for whatever reason, rank the Souls series from what I've played. I also explain why I played the PS3 version for this instead of the PS5 version.

Part 9: Stage 1-3, finishing up with rescuing spell merchants and learning said spells.

Part 10: The final stage, with final thoughts and lots of Vagrant Story music.

I'd like to do something similar with more Souls games in the future, for sure. This is just chapter one.

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