Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Super Metroid Speed Run (June 2018)

It's been about a year since the last Super Metroid speedrun, so I figure it's time for another one. This is gonna be good.

Will I break my previous record of 1:38? I'll be employing some new tricks that I've read up on since the last speed run, so my odds look good. If the trend continues, tune in next Summer for my next Super Metroid playthrough...


  1. Nice run-through!
    Since you like this game so much, as do I, how about doing a similar play-through of Metroid Fusion for the Game Boy Advance? You could play it on the Game Cube Game Boy adapter, I suppose. I've really enjoyed playing that one.

  2. Actually, I meant Metroid Zero in my above comment. It's quite good.

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