Friday, August 12, 2016

Dark Souls (Everything, 2011)

Today I'm posting a video series of my Dark Souls playthrough. Be warned that it's rough around the edges in terms of production quality. Much like Star Fox Zero, this was one of the first games I recorded, so a lot of kinks were yet to be worked out. The narration quality is particularly bad for 75% of the game, but in the later parts I figured out how to overcome technical difficulties in recording.

Part 1 contains Undead Asylum, Undead Burg, Undead Parish, Twin Gargoyles, Darkroot Garden, Sif the Grey Wolf. On this first episode of Dark Souls, I power through the first few areas of the game speedrun style.

Part 2 is Capra Demon, The Depths, and Gaping Dragon. Things start to pick up a bit in the challenge department here; Capra Demon is one of the hardest fights in the game for me.

In this episode I take on the horror that is Blighttown as my speedrun screeches to a mere normalrun. After that's done, I also take a brief trip into Demon Ruins to fight Ceaseless Discharge.

Sen's Fortress is one of the most difficult areas in the entire game, a total roadblock for many players. On a first playthrough, it might well be THE biggest hurdle to overcome. In this episode I speedrun it as fast as I can utilizing everything I've learned about this place over three other playthroughs.

Part 5 contains Anor Londo, Platinum Trophy Get, and the fight with Ornstein and Smough.
In the MASSIVE fifth episode of Dark Souls, I take on the halfway point area of the game: Anor Londo. This is my personal favorite area in the game. Before taking on Ornstein and Smough, I detour to get the last trophy I needed for 100%.

I begin the second half of the game with Duke's Archives, Crystal Cave, and the fight with Seath the Scaleless. The second half revolves around defeating the four big bosses, and I usually leave Seath for last. This time I switched things up a bit, doing what I consider to be the most interesting story branch first.

In Part 7, I tackle the fiery hellchasm that is the Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith. This area feels pretty unfinished, but it's fun to traverse nonetheless. As the worst boss in the game, Bed of Chaos will have to wait until the next episode.

I finally get my audio problems fixed as I try some new recording methods in this landmark episode. Yep, this is the day where I got the hang of proper audio recording. I also fight the worst boss in the entire Souls series, Bed of Chaos, and traverse the New Londo Ruins to take on the Four (give or take) Kings.

Lastly, I do the final areas of the game, including Catacombs, Tomb of the Giants, and the Kiln of the First Flame. Had gotten the hang of recording at this point. Also featuring the Gravelord Nito fight and the final boss.

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