Monday, December 7, 2015

Total Recall and Final Fantasy VII Similarities

I watched the original Total Recall on Netflix last night, and wow. It's totally Final Fantasy VII. I hadn't seen the movie in a loooong time, so I wasn't aware of this. Doing a quick google search doesn't turn up any comparisons that I can link, so I guess this is one of those things that is either all in my head or I'm the only one who noticed it somehow. More after the jump.

-Both Total Recall and FFVII take place in a steam-filled futuristic dystopia divided into clearly-marked Sectors. Both of these dystopias are ruled by a nefarious corporation with a private military. In both cases, rebels are launching attacks against the corporation and being labeled "terrorists" by the corporate-controlled media

-Most of the movie takes place in the brothel sector; FFVII also has a prominent brothel sector that plays a large role early on

-The President of the corporation overlooks the dystopia from a tower

-Crossdressing with the purpose of sneaking into a place

-Train rides from sector to sector

-The stormtroopers of the corporation dress a lot like the Shinra troops in FFVII

-When the people of one sector defy him, the President decides to obliterate that sector

-There's an elevator ride late in the movie that looks a lot like the Shinra Tower elevator, with Arnold riding the elevator on the right side of the screen as a panoramic vista is seen on the left side

-Industrial reactors are featured prominently in both stories

-The main character has amnesia and thinks he's a super-soldier that used to work for the corporation; he now works for the resistance in their quest to save the planet

-The end-goal of the movie is an ancient city built on top of a glacier by aliens millions of years ago, much like the City of the Ancients being on top of a glacier in FFVII and also a relic of a bygone alien race

-................seriously, this movie is FFVII.



  1. That was interesting. I've seen and played both of these and never noticed any of the similarities, but I think you're on to something. Action movies from the late 1980's inspired lots of video games.

  2. It's more of a coincidence, but the ending of both is rather ambiguous too. Thankfully Total Recall never got a sequel.

    1. You speak the truth Jericho. I bet if you could speak to the creators about this, they'd be happy you saw it.